The Best Touring Skis of 2016/2017
Touring skis range widely in dimensions, weight, and construction. Manufacturers and experts design touring skis with everything from the side cut to the color in mind. With tenuous thoughts of losing a ski, or even scarier, getting buried, a high-visibility top coat is essential to ensuring your trip in the mountains is as safe as  [...]
Our Favorite Hats and Beanies
Last week at Denver’s SIA conference, I had the opportunity to check out the coolest hat companies on the market. The number of hat companies there was absolutely ridiculous so I’ve put together what I think are the five hottest! If you’re in need of a new beanie or snowboard hats I’m sure you’ll find  [...]
Mammut Pulse Beacon Review
The very compact, impact-resistant Mammut Pulse Barryvox Avalanche Beacon packs a punch with serious efficiency and high-tech function for a day of backcountry fun and peace of mind when traveling in avalanche-prone terrain. Find out how to the Element beacon performed here in the Tetons : The Mammut Pulse is an ultra-capable device which combines  [...]
Mammut Element Barryvox Beacon
Sadly, the technology to simply particle-beam you out of harm’s way on the mountain doesn’t exist yet, but Mammut offers the next best thing: the Mammut Element Barryvox Avalanche Beacon. The Element is the little brother of Mammut’s famed Pulse beacon, and while it can’t break down your cellular structure and reassemble you in safety,  [...]
Arnette Skylight Goggle Review
As the seasons change and winter hunkers down with us for a while, it is time to gear up for some adventure! I have put these goggles through the ringer and can honestly say they are the nicest goggles I’ve ever worn.  Sure it is fun testing goggles on a blue sky day but I  [...]
Redington Palix River Wader Review
There are a few things an angler asks for in his or her waders beyond the ability to keep dry. Because out on the river, it isn’t about what you look like or what you’re wearing, it is about you and the water. Of course the reasons among anglers for spending countless hours in cold  [...]
Showers Pass Refuge Jacket Review
You don’t have to be a big name brand to make a great product. Often, it is the lesser-known brands out there that build the finest gear. Though Showers Pass hasn’t quite reached Patagonia status, they make a phenomenal product! Out of all the hardshell jackets I’ve tested over the years from up and coming  [...]
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