Muck Pursuit Hunting Boot Review
The Muck Boot Company prides itself in making quality waterproof boots for wet and messy conditions. These boots serve a purpose and serve it well. The Muck Pursuit Supreme are a lightweight, fully insulated, laceless boot with aggressive treads for muddy and snowy conditions. Muck Pursuit Supreme Review They are ideal for hunting out of  [...]
Non-Toxic Shot:  A Green Hunter’s Buying Guide
Other than steel, most non-toxic shot options actually outperform lead. Non-toxic shot shells are expensive. There is no way around it. But, in a given season, how much do you actually shoot? If you hike 5 miles to get a few shots on grouse or chukars, or hunt 5 days to get a shot at  [...]
Eton Field AM/FM/Shortwave Radio with RDS Review
The Eton Field Radio is a quality radio designed for the outdoorsperson and traveler. This radio is solidly built, reliable and compact. The Field from Eton proved very handy at camp as a solid, dependable and far reaching radio. The dials are simple to use and the tuner is surprisingly sensitive. Reception is aided by  [...]