Smith I/O Goggle Review
Eyeballs are fickle things. Whether you got to dissect a cow’s eye in grade-ten biology or not, you’re probably aware there is a lot going on in there, no matter how clumsy or shaky your fifteen year old hands were with that scalpel. We’re visual creatures, our lives and perceptions of our immediate surroundings typically  [...]
Fjallraven Keb Series Winter Jacket Review
I was recently humiliated at a potluck where the host (who was a bit of a jerk) derided my mispronunciation of “Adidas.” Apparently I’ve been saying it incorrectly all along. After retaliating by hiding several essential kitchen items and at least two sets of his car keys, I packed into my new Fjallraven jacket and  [...]
ThirtyTwo Jones MTB Review
Whenever I get to do a gear review like these Jeremy Jones ThirtyTwo Boots I find myself struggling for a clever opening. With boots I default to dumb stuff, clichéd stuff like “These boots are made for walking,” even though I’m almost certain the young folk have never heard of Nancy Sinatra, much less her  [...]
Building Tent Pads High Atop the Sourdough Traverse
After the California gold-rush of the 1849’s, it seemed as though fortune seeking prospectors had made their way into every nook, cranny and outcrop the American West had to offer. Known as “sourdoughs” (seasoned miners that knew a thing or two about bush-craft and DIY baking) many were drawn north when news of significant strikes  [...]
Valhalla Mountain Lodge Delivers!
This season has been challenging to say the least. Photographers, writers, riders and resorts have all struggled to keep a stiff upper lip as traditionally snow-laden zones have struggled to retain a snowpack or heartbeat. Sub-par conditions have been the norm while sub-zero temperatures appeared to be a thing of the past. In turn, these  [...]
Union Forged Carbon Review
Bucking the sales-speak trend of snowboarding’s forced jargon, this season introduced Union’s Forged Carbon bindings to the masses. More concisely a “forged composite” binding, what Union has debuted is a lighter weight carbon-reinforced hill-killer. In plain terms, rather than using sheets of carbon-reinforced plastic laid down one on top of the other (picture making your  [...]
Mount Carlyle Lodge Review
WINLAW, BC – If you weren’t already aware, there are a lot of backcountry ski lodges to choose from in BC. Lots. Few, though, possess as storied a past and as bright a future as Mount Carlyle Lodge in the Kokanee Range of the Selkirk Mountains. What sets Carlyle apart? Well, aside from its proximity  [...]
Westcomb Revenant Jacket Review
It’s a tough nut to crack, cracking a fickle market whose bigger ticket purchases are based almost entirely on brand visibility and the conjoined popularity /success of a sponsored “team;” Conventional soft-goods brands depend heavily on ad dollars and brand ambassadors to sing their virtues, especially those operating within the snowboardosphere; By sponsoring films, events,  [...]