2020 Skis First Look

K2 Mindbender Family Ski

Every year ski brands introduce new technologies or make improvements to models they already have in production. Here is a rundown of some the new and or improved 2020 skis we saw at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market Tradeshow in Denver, Colorado. We’ll have an updated article with more Outdoor Show 2020 skis soon.

2020 Armada Skis

Armada revamped several models in their line up and introduced a ski with Wood Edges designed for Rails and Street Skiing.

Armada Signature Skis

Signature Series “athlete Specific Performance”
Magic J | Edollo | BDog

Armada ARV Mens Ski

ARV Series “The Funnest Family In Skiing”
ARV 116 JJ | ARV 106 | ARV 96 | ARV 86 | ARV 84

Armada ARW Women's Skis

ARW Series “Fun and playful”
ARW 116 VJJ | ARW 96 | ARW 86 | ARW 84

In the ARV line up the revamped the ARV 84 in both the Men’s and Women’s models, and speaking of the ladies they brought back a new and improved  VJJ the women’s version of the classic JJ.

The Tracer line from Armada was revamped slightly adding more Carbon to the ski under the foot for increased stability and torsional rigidity.

Armada Tracer Men Skis

Tracer Line “Built To Take You Anywhere”
Tracer 118 CHX | Tracer 108 | Tracer 98 | Tracer 108 with SHIFT binding

Armada Trace Women's Skis

Trace Line “Resort Ready, Backcountry Equipped”
Trace 108| Trace 98

The Armada Zero Series has the most changed with the Declivity X, they brought back the ARG with the ARG 2, and the new BDOG Edgeless.

Armada Zero Series Skis

ZERO Series
Declivity X | ARG II ARV 116 JJ Ultralite | ARV 96ti | BDog Edgeless

Armada Victa Women's Skis

Victa Series “Ready For The Whole Mountain”
Victa 97 ti | Victa 87 ti | Victa 93 | Victa 83

Now that Armada is owned by AMER Sports which owns Atomic and Salomon as well as Bike and other outdoors bands, now Armada offers their version on the SHIFT Binding. It is all black and looks Steazy.

2020 Atomic Skis

Atomic revamped their ski line last year, so they are not changing up much this year other than graphics.

Atomic Vantage Women Ski

Atomic Vantage Skis

Atomic Vantage Skis

Atomic Bent Cheltler Skis

Atomic Backland Skis

Grateful Dead Skis

The Bent Chetler 100 got a slightly different Carbon layup giving the ski more stability in the tail of the ski. The Bent Chetler 120 the signature model of Chris Benchetler got a limited edition Grateful Dead Collaboration, Rumor has it only 250 pairs will be made. Definitely, the hot ski to have.

Bent Chetler Skis

2020 Black Crows Skis

Black Crows have been on fire since they hit the North America Market 3 years ago. Their skis are known of stability with a lively energetic quality to them.

Black Crow Skis

Navis | Daemon | Camox | Captis

They Changed up the Camox and rumor is they took Carbon out of the ski, I am curious if that changed up the feel of the ski.

Black Crows Women Birdie Skis

Atris Birdie | Daemon Birdie | Camox Birdie | Captis Birdie 

Black Crows Skis

Nocta | Anima | Atris | Corvus

2020 Blizzard Skis

Blizzard revamped their Zero G line, their lightweight touring skis.

Blizzard Zero G Skis

Blizzard Sheva Skis

Blizzard Rustler Skis

Blizzard Black Pearl Skis

They also introduced a new women Black Pearl 82MM model of their Black Pearl and men’s Black Pearl 82 MM Bushwhacker model.

Blizzard 2020 Skis

2020 Dynastar Skis

For 2020 the Dynastar Menace is going to be a hit with 98MM underfoot, twin tip and plenty of Camber. This ski also has a cool Miami Vice Graphic.

Dynastar Menace Proto Skis

Dynastar Menace Ski

Dynastar Menace Skis

Dynastar Legend Skis

2020 Elan Skis

Elan added to their family of skis this year with the Wingman, a narrower little brother to the Ripstick.

Elan Wingman Skis

Elan Ripstick Skis

Elan Ripstick Skis

2020 Head Skis

Head has been Turing heads with their lightweight Head KORE Ski Model for Men the past couple of years, they are introducing a Women’s version for 2020.

Head Kore Skis

Head Monster Skis

Head Women's Joy Skis

They also revamped their popular JOY line for the ladies as well. The JOY family is where head first introduced Graphene into skis making them ultra-lightweight.

2020 Faction Skis

Faction has been on everyone’s radar due to Candide Thovex and his ridiculous skills on skis.

Faction Dictator Ski

Faction Women Candide Ski

Truth is they make great skis and they are winning over people each season, for 2020 they introduced a women’s version of the Candide Models, called the Mademoiselle.

Faction Women Dictator Ski

The Faction Dictator is a great ski as well hopefully the nickname “ Chicktator” will take off.

2020 Icelantic Skis

Icelantic Sabre 2020 Women's Ski

Icelantic Riveter Women's Ski

Icelantic Oracle Womens Ski

Icelantic Nomad Mens Ski

Icelantic Maiden Womens Ski


Icelantic has been crushing it and this year was no exception, for 2020 they are introducing a few new models. They Revamped the popular Icelantic NOMAD Ski model slightly.

Icelantic Mystic Ski

New for 2020 for the Ladies is the Icelantic Mystic Ski 97 mm a lightweight touring ski, also available in 107MM underfoot. They also introduced the Icelantic Oracle Ski 78 MM underfoot and the new Women’s Riveter Ski 85MM and 95MM which are a women’s version of the Pioneer Ski.

Icelantic Natural Ski

Icelantic Pioneer Men's Ski

For the Guys the Natural 111 Lightweight Touring Ski and the New Pioneer 86.

2020 K2 Skis

K2 launched the new Mindbender Family of skis both for Men and Women, the best part is you don’t have to wait until next year, the Mindbenders are available now. Well played K2.

K2 Mindbender Family Ski

K2 Mindbender Ski

K2 Marksman Poacher Ski

K2 Pontoon Catamaran Ski

The Mindbender line up comes 85MM, 90MM (Carbon) for both Men and Women. 88MM and 98MM Ti  (Titanium) for the Ladies, and 90MM Ti and 99MM Ti for the Men. 106MM and 115MM Carbon for the Ladies and 108MM TI and 116 Carbon for the Guys.

2020 Line Skis

Line Vision Ski

The new Line Vision Ski for 2020 it comes in a 98MM and 108MM size. These new Vision Skis use Carbon, Wood and interesting design giving the ski different turn radius depending on the leverage point of the ski.

Line Super Natural Ski

Line Sick Day Ski

Line Pandora Women's Ski

Line Eric Pollard Skis

Line Skis


Also new from Line is the new and improved Sir Francis Bacon, now 107MM Underfoot and CoConvexvex Base technology. Also the Wider version of this shape the Outline.

2020 Nordica Skis

Nordica introduces the Enforcer, Santa Ana 88 for the Men and Women respectively, at the demo people were talking about this ski.

Nordica Santa Ana Ski

Nordica Santa Ana 88 Ski

Nordica Navigator Skis

Nordica Enforcer Free Ski

Nordica Enforcer Skis

Nodica Soul Rider Skis


Also, the Enforcer and Santa Ana Family and now welcoming the Enforcer Free line which already includes the Nordica Enforcer Pro Ski 115MM under for and the Enforcer 110MM, joining the family is the new Nordica Enforcer 104MM. The Freeline has rocker in the tail and is more free rider oriented, which the Enforcer 100MM, 93MM and 88MM have a more traditional tail.

2020 Rossignol Skis

Rossignol Black Ops Skis

The Rossignol Black Ops Skis are finally going to hit the market for 2020 coming in 98MM and 118MM underfoot, as well as 98MM one for the ladies. These skis are already available on EVO.

2020 Salomon Skis

Salomon QST Skis

QST 92 |QST 85 | QST Stella 106 | QST Lumen 99 | QST Lux 92 | QST Myriad 85

Salomon revamped their popular QST line up for 2020 with better turn initiation and more versatility. This is noticeable and Salomon took an already great ski and made it better.

2020 Volkl Skis

Volkl introduced the Mantra M5 last year and it was a very popular ski across the country. This year they are adding that same technology into the Volk Kendo Ski in an 88MM version and into a 102MM version as well.

Volkl Secret Woman Ski

Secret 102 | Secret 92 | Kenja 88 |Secret 102

Volkl Skis

Mantra 102 | M5 Mantra, *SAMPLE* | Kendo 88 | Mantra 102

Volkl Revolt Ski

Revolt 121 | Revolt 95 | Revolt 87

They are also introducing the Volkl Revolt 121 mm Ski which will be a Pow Slayer!

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2020 Skis First Look

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