Airblaster Savage Air Goggle: Friendly on Rippers, Tough on Fog

Airblaster Goggles ReviewAirblaster Savage Air Goggle Test | Photo Ryan Ariano Mountain Weekly News

Airblaster is one of my favorite brands out there: A snowboarding company that makes snowboard gear for snowboarders. Should come as no surprise, then, that they make a sick pair of snowboard goggles. Specifically the Airblaster Savage Air Goggle. And they make it at a price that even the most dirtbagging rider can swing.

Moisture Impermeable Lens Function

Let’s start with the Savage Air Goggle’s M.I.L.F. technology. “Moisture Impermeable Lens Function” is what that stands for you dirty little monkey; basically, it’s an anti-fogging tech which, with their Anti-Fog Coating, means even in a day getting peppered by frozen ice to the face, my goggles didn’t fog up. Maybe there are goggles that are more fogproof; but if so, they’re like twice the price.

Grand Tetons Snowboarder

Ryan Snowboarding in the Airblaster Savage Air Goggle at Grand Targhee Resort | Photo Ryan Ariano Mountain Weekly News

Airblaster’s Savage Air Goggle comes with an extra lens and the strap clip on the back makes it easy to unhook from around your helmet. But the thing I really noticed about these is how flexible they are.

While other goggles are so stiff that stretching them over your helmet and onto your face is like pulling on one of those epic arm bands from the 80s, these goggles stretch and get seated easily due to their super bendy nearly-indestructible plastic and lens.

The Test

I tested Airblaster’s Savage Air goggle on a round-the-world Teton Pass day with heavy, wet snow actively dropping and blowing. Then on a board-by-braille day at Grand Targhee. And then on a big bluebird day, it blocked the sun perfectly. I love a goggle that works on whiteout days and on rare gifts of sunlight from the Teton gods. Changing lenses is annoying, and building a quiver of lenses can be pricey. But again, the Savage Air outlines the terrain on lowlight and protects your eyes in high light.

The Style

Airblaster is nothing if not a master of style. When other companies are trying to make gear that looks more serious (translation: gear that square skiers want to wear), Airblaster doesn’t seem to care about people who take it too seriously. I mean, to paraphrase Dex Rutecki, it’s just sliding down snow on sticks. Airblaster’s goggles are simple, clean, not oversized but have some sick little designs along the strap. An alien because, you know, they’re out of this world.

The Airblaster pill-looking logo. And the yin yang, the center of the I Ching’s 8 trigrams that expresses the goal of every enlightened person, the great balance of the universe. Yeah, of all the goggles I’ve worn, these definitely look the coolest.

Overall Impression

Flexible Ski Goggles

Flexible Goggles from Airblaster | Photo Ryan Ariano Mountain Weekly News

The Airblaster Savage Air Goggle ($99.95) is the goggle for people who ride hard with shallow pockets. With fog-crushing tech and treatment, and lens clarity that works in basically all conditions, the Savage Air will ensure that if you crash, it’s not because you can’t see. The materials of the goggle ensure that a faceplant on hardpack might break your nose but it won’t break your goggles. Which, again, hug your face like a baby from “Alien”. Which maybe explains the alien on the strap that combines with the other graphics to give it undeniable steeze. And all for a pile of coin even your broke-ass can scrape up.

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