Top 7 Powder Skis of 2021

2020 Powder Skis

This years list of the best powder skis was fun to write because ski technology is absurdly good right now.  The powder skis on our tounrdup are made for the days we dream about.  Some have won awards, others are lighter than air, but all of them are athlete-tested and ready for winter’s stormiest spills.

Best Powder Skis

2020 Salomon Mens Powder Ski

Salomon QST 106 Skis

Narrower than the traditional powder ski, the Solomon N QST 106 can float, charge, smear, and drop. This is their most agile powder ski and built for the skier that wants to charge the lines between the powder where the mountain is too steep for the snow to stick. Thes Salomon QST 106 Skis boast a carbon layer from tip to tail that transfers power and grip into every turn. The rocker profile and cork tips keep ski chatter down when charging cruddy lines, but float the ski in the soft stuff. On or off piste, Salomon’s N QST 106 is an essential all-around freeride buy.

Price: $749.99


2020 Line Blend Skis

LINE Blend Skis

If you want to turn every drop, bump, side-hit, and scooter-pop into a trick feature, then LINE has your back with the Blend. This is the LINE team’s favorite ski, and they boast that it turns the entire mountain into a terrain park. LINE’s proprietary tip and tail ButterZones transition from flexi to poppy with ease. Their TuffTop keeps this ski looking fresh through full seasons of hard laps in the parks and woods. Not a traditional pow-ski, but it is perfect for building back-country booters into foamy-soft fresh landings.

Price: $599.95


2020 J Skis the Metal Powder Skis

J-Skis The Metal Skis

Having won almost every award, editors’ pick, skier’s choice, official selection, and recommended ski, The Metal lives up to its reputation. It does everything for everyone. The Metal is a crud ripping, powder shredding, power turning, air boosting, and big dropping machine. It seems to do this naturally and on its own.  What magical ski ghost lives in this ski’s core? The Titanal laminate and matched sidecut and rocker profile keep this ski strong where you need it and soft when you want it. This ski is the result of over two decades of design and engineering. They come in limited edition quantities, so hurry up!

Price: $699.00

2020 Tanner Hall Powder Ski from Armada Skis

Armada Magic J Skis

For the deep and the steezy… The Armada Magic J Skis were designed by the legendary “gorilla steez”  professional skier, Tanner Hall. I believe that Mr. Hall was the first skier to earn $1,000,000 through competition earnings and endorsements. He changed the freeride industry with his style and skill. Hall knows how to build well-designed high-performance skis. The Magic J boasts a deep powder dimension profile with a freeride rocker. If you want to float a buttery 540 off a backcountry drop into deep Hokkaido snow, then this is your ski.

Price: $749.95

2020 Powder Ski from Black Crows

Black Crows Anima Skis

The 115 mm underfoot dimension makes the Black Crows Anima the perfect powder ski for quick surfy turns and confident stomps. The tip and tail have a progressive flex while the contact-edges are stiffer.  This ads lightness and stability where you want it most. At high charging speeds, the big turning radius keeps the ski pointing and quiet in steep terrain. This ski is for the skier looking to hit big jumps and ski deep snow. With numerous awards, it’s worth buying these skis even if you don’t have a chance to test them!

Price: $889.95


2020 Fischer Hannibal Powder Skis

Fischer Hannibal 96 Skis

With a cambered rocker profile and lean dimensions, this is an essential touring ski for the adventurer who wants lightweight high performance. Fischer beveled Hannibal’s Aeroshape topsheets to shave weight and increase torsional stability. The carbon and Paulownia wood core is sandwiched between the time-tested ABS sidewall construction. The light rise in the tip gets these above the powder, and the flat tail aids in precision turning.  They are an affordable high-performance option for any skier looking for a reliable lightweight ski.

Price: $699.95

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