The 8 Best All Mountain Snowboard Bindings

best all mountain snowboard binding

A solid set of snowboard bindings does more than you can imagine to elevate your time on the hill and progress your ride game. Whether you’re looking for all-mountain bindings, freestyle snowboard bindings or freeride bindings, our picks for the best snowboard bindings for 2020 have you covered.

Best Snowboard Bindings 2020


Union Snowboard Binding 2020

Union Falcor Bindings – ($349.95)

The Union Falcor combines premium materials and top tech to deliver a binder that Travis Rice is proud to call his own. And if T-Rice digs these, then you better believe you will too. They are the ideal balance of lightweight, yet incredibly strong materials with a base that dampens any unruly chatter. This year’s model features a more supportive ankle strap that zooms this pair into the realm of perfection. Flexy when you want it and responsive when you need it, the Union Falcor Bindings are hands down one of the best snowboard bindings of the year.

Burton Malavita Snowboard Binding 2020

Burton Malavita Bindings – ($319.95)

Ah, the Malavita. You know it. We love it. Burton’s team fave is one of ours too this season. Yet again, these bindings live up to their reputation of being one of the most seamless ways to marry your boots to your board. This iteration of the Burton Malavita Bindings is committed to comfort, so kick back with the Heel Hammock and Hammockstrap. Want to tweak things out in the park and beyond? Go with the Vape Cloud color option to get those winged hi-backs so you can dial your style up to 11. No matter which Malavita you choose, shred with the confidence that you’ve got Burton’s best.

NOW O Drive Snowboard Binding

NOW O Drive Bindings – ($499.95)

If you’ve developed a habit of snapping highbacks or cracking healcups, the NOW O Drive bindings will put a firm end to that nonsense. These bad boys are most definitely in the running for strongest bindings in the world and have even been spotted working out with Mr. Schwarzenegger himself. While they may be best known for their superhero strength, the NOW O Drive Bindings are able to maintain a remarkably low weight and even create one of the most intuitive rides you’ll ever experience. If you’re looking to combine top-of-the-line burliness with insane amounts of performance, get these bindings (from) NOW!

Flow Fuse Snowboard Binding

Flow Fuse Bindings – ($259.95)

When ease of entry is what gets your motor running, hop in bed with the lively Flow Fuse. This versatile all-mountain binding goes everywhere and says no to nothing. Just slip your foot in, rear-entry style, slap up that highback, and tackle any terrain that looks attractive. Enjoy a mild amount of canting to enhance your comfort and boost your performance. Most people who dig the Fuse will tell you about how they applaud the power transmission and energy transfer of these snowboard bindings, so we thought we’d mention it too. Back again for another season and improved on all levels, the Flow Fuse Bindings deserve your consideration.

Bent Metal Snowboard Binding

Bent Metal Transfer Bindings – ($289.99)

Peak performance, power and precision are yours when you join forces with the Bent Metal Transfer bindings. No matter where you like to ride, these binders are thirsty to thrive. It all starts with the Magnesium Fiber Drive Plate that is the foundation for success in any conditions across all terrain. Throw in the luxurious comfort initiated by the advanced footbed and you’ve got a set that keeps you feeling 100 all day. Lunch break? What’s a lunch break? The Bent Metal Transfer Bindings knows of no such thing as it drives your ride sesh from first to last chair.


FIX Magnum Snowboard Binding

Fix Magnum Bindings – ($229.95)

If you don’t know Fix yet, then do yourself a favor and familiarize your feet with the Magnum bindings. As their flagship set, Fix has continually progressed the impressiveness of the Magnums, which has now earned them a spot among the best snowboard bindings of the year. While they may have a bit of a freestyle leaning, this pair won’t let you down anywhere on the mountain. The groovy gel injected straps are wicked comfortable and you can customize your favorite fit with all kinds of adjustability. Fix even offers a lifetime warranty on the base and buckles. If they’re that confident in their bindings, then you should have no hesitation mounting the Fix Magnum Bindings and having your way with the whole hill.

Arbor Sequoia Women's Snowboard Binding

Arbor Sequoia Bindings – ($199.95)

This ain’t no one dimensional slice of hardware. The Arbor Sequoia women’s snowboard bindings get back to their roots and they do it all with style. The intelligently designed asym highbacks combine with the System X baseplate to unleash an experience worthy of the goddesses of winter themselves. We’re also big fans of the little feature that keeps your ankle strap out of the way to make buckling in incredibly convenient. Every facet of this set was designed to maximize your ticket/pass investment. Durable and comfortable simultaneously, these bindings are primed to deliver season-long performance. Explore every acre of the resort and beyond with the Arbor Sequoia Bindings.

Rome Guild Snowboard Binding

Rome Guild Bindings- ($269.99)

Seize the mountain like a storm bent on destruction in the Rome Guild snowboard bindings for women. With flexibility upon desire and responsiveness when required, this sweet set is your skeleton key to unlock performance across every run (named or not). Normally, the word “ergonomic” is one you’d associate with a fancy desk chair. Forget about it. These highbacks are ergonomically designed to be BFFs with female legs. Then Rome goes and dashes in an EVA SubBase to truly elevate the elegant comfort underfoot to insist upon all-day coziness. Meditate all you want, but the only thing that can take you to a higher level is the Rome Guild Bindings.

So here’s the deal with snowboarding: it’s not just fun in the park, it’s not only a blast on the groomers, it’s not simply sensational dropping cliffs in the backcountry. Rather, snowboarding is freaking phenomenal no matter where you ride. That’s why you need new bindings that can do it anywhere. Gear up with the best all-mountain snowboard bindings of 2020 to ensure your season is savage wherever you choose to cruise.

Best Snowboard Bindings 2019

Want to see the bindings we’ve highlighted in the past? Here you go:

Rome Targa Binding

Rome Targa Bindings – ($349)

Vegetarians look elsewhere because the Rome Targa Bindings are composed of nothing but strong bones and tough meat. These stiff, aggressive freeride bindings are not to be underestimated as they are ideal for the most technical terrain in any conditions. And while they are very much a bomber set, they aren’t about to sacrifice any comfort. What really puts the Targa over the edge is the massive amount of customization options. You can really dial these things in pretty much every way imaginable for the perfect fit and maximum performance. For those looking to rip off a piece of the burliest part of the mountain, gear up with the Targa Bindings from Rome.

Now Drive Bindings

Now Drive Bindings – ($329)

Also on the stiffer side, the Now Drive Bindings are another favorite when it comes to dominant freeride boot huggers. Designed as a collab with big mountain legend Jeremy Jones, these binders are as responsive and intuitive as it gets. They deliver a natural board feel that really put riders in synch with their stick and basically eliminate disruptive chatter. Wildly durable, yet impressively comfortable, Now has upped their game and seriously delivered a product that refuses to back down from any line. Shift your ride game into overdrive with these primo pieces from Now. One of the top rated all mountain snowboard bindings out there.

Union Strata Bindings

Union Strata Bindings – ($279)

If you’re the type of rider who doesn’t limit themselves to one part of the mountain, then the Union Strata Bindings are for you. These bad boys straight up get it done in the streets, backcountry, and resorts in your backyard, below the equator, and overseas. No matter where you ride, the Strata it up to the challenge. Their flex is somewhere between medium and stiff, and they feature a futuristic baseplate that is lighter and stronger than anything else out there. It’s risky to hang the word “flawless” out there, but screw it, we’re doing it with these all-mountain beauties.

Nitro Team Bindings

Nitro Team Bindings – ($269)

Back again to take a victory lap, the Nitro Team Bindings are a favorite that even a whole slew of pros love. With a full EVA asym highback that cups your boot, an airbag of sorts in the heel to reduce weight and amplify comfort, and plush ankle straps that evenly distribute pressure, these connectors are wickedly comfy. But don’t let all that luxury lure you into thinking they weren’t built to rip. They are super responsive without being too stiff. Plus, they’ve even got a grippy Vibram rubber toe strap, some of our favorite buckles, and the crazy convenient angle lock function of the mini disk that snaps into place. We really find it difficult to stop gushing about all the sweet features and performance of this team favorite.

Arbor Hemlock Bindings

Arbor Hemlock Bindings – ($199)

While they have long been solid players in the snowboard industry, Arbor is relatively new to the binding scene. They picked up some buzz last year, and the Arbor Hemlock bindings have returned for a second season with a sequel that’s even better than the original. This is hands down our favorite binding for the price. At an entry level cost, it’s actually a premiere piece of equipment that delivers advanced level performance to satisfy the demands of even the more gnarly riders. Arbor slaps an impressive warranty on these things because they aren’t going to fall apart on you. Catering to the all-mountain freestyle breed, the Hemlock features an outsole diffuser and X-Drive baseplate that allows the board maximum natural flex with tons of shock absorption. Lightweight, comfortable, and durable, you can’t go wrong with the Hemlock bindings from Arbor.

Flux GS Women’s Bindings

Flux GS Women’s Bindings – ($259)

Don’t worry ladies, as there are some lovely options out there this year for you as well. If you’re looking for a do-it-all snowboard binding that has been crafted with every little detail accounted for, your search ends with the Flux GS Women’s Snowboard Bindings. A medium stiffness along with a fine balance of responsiveness and playfulness enables you to charge hard from peak to park. The highback and baseplate have both been designed specifically for women, and the Waffle Strap is all amped up on comfort, yet ideal for energy transfer. Everything about these bindings is on point, from the FooTon Footbed that won’t succumb to snow buildup to the Tool-less Levers that allow you to make adjustments without asking a liftie for a screwdriver. Even the mounting disc is perfect because it works with every hold pattern!  All this adds up to a purely phenomenal binding that will let you flex some serious attitude all across the mountain.

Respect the connection between you and your board. Complete your kit with a set of the best snowboard bindings of 2018-2019 to undoubtedly ascend to a new echelon of shred bliss.

Mens Snowboard Binding

NOW IPO Bindings – ($209)

Now you are in the know.  Seriously though, there’s nothing on the market that has the features found on the of the NOW IPO Binding.  What sets now apart from everyone else is the use of a hinge in the middle of the binding.  What this does is allow a snowboard to ride like a skateboard with trucks, or better yet a surfboard.  These bindings are in a league of there own.

Mens Union Foce Binding

Union Force Bindings – ($249)

It’s a Union, need we say more?  Union has been making some of the best fitting, most comfortable snowboard bindings on the market for years.  The Union Force Binding features a flexible high back that moves with you, a bomber aluminum heel cup that can take a beating.  This is the sort of bindings dudes that ride 100 days will appreciate for its durability and playfulness from day 1. For the price, it will be hard to find anything comparable.

mens Burton Cartel Binding

Burton Cartel EST Bindings – ($279)

The best selling binding in the Burton Snowboards line and possibly of all time is the Burton Cartel Snowboard Binding.  Just like a gang, the Cartel Binding hits hard with its black colorway, a medium flex high-back, that works wonders for stomping landings and the super comfy new Hammockstrap, lightweight ankle straps.  Toss in some Re:Flex cushioning in the footbeds, and you may just find yourself riding bell to bell on the Cartel Binding.

arbor hemlock mens snowboard binding

Arbor Hemlock Bindings – ($219)

This is the second year of Arbor Snowboards entering into the snowboard binding market.  And it would be impossible to tell these are the new guys on the block.  The Arbor Hemlock snowboard is a super light, flexi binding designed for urban assaults and jibbing rails at the local park.  The X–Drive baseplate comes with 15% fiberglass content that gives a tiny minute ability to control the board that is unseen with the competition.  For someone that needs every press, slide, and ollie to be just right the Hemlock was designed for you.

mens Union Contact pro binding

Union Contact Bindings – ($209)

Gigi Rüf, ever heard of him? The Union Contact binding has been around for a while and although it was originally designed by a freestyle backcounty rider, as of late it’s been adopted as a favorite among park riders. With minimal binding-to-board contact point’s this binding offers a true natural flex, as in there will be times you forget it’s actually attached to the board as you slide across boxes and rails. This is a super soft and flexible binding for someone that loves buttering don the mountain, butter your muffin.


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