Dragon APX Goggle Review

Dragon APX Review

When the Dragon APX Goggles came out they were the world’s first truly frameless goggle. Advanced Projects X delivers the most talked about snow goggle on the market year after year.

The APX is a fully frameless goggle made with superior design and innovation. I tested the APX goggles in sunny Arizona (yes we have snow here..) and wanted to give you the low down below :

Dragon Apx Goggles Review

The Dragon APX Goggle has set the bar fir frameless goggle designed with patented lens technology. Tested in the backcountry of Colorado at a 12,000-foot elevation at the Advanced Projects X Research and Development Cabin, this goggle is proven to withstand even the harshest conditions.

Made with patented technology, the Dragon APX goggle offers a unique interchangeable design so that you can clip the lens right on the front. There’s no frame to deal with when you’re trying to change lenses.

When riding, Dragon APX goggles offer maximum peripheral vision with a variety of interchangeable lenses. These lenses include rose lens (for foggy conditions), an eclipse lens (mirrored for sunny days) and a regular lens.

All designed with new Infinity Lens Technology these lenses won’t fog up. Packaged in a premium hard case with vented bottom, for safe storage that airs out properly. Strap features three silicone strips for added grip when shredding, and durable rubber Dragon logo.

Dragon APX designed these gorgeous goggles to eliminate the entire frame profile so that interchangeability is easy, and peripheral vision is maximized.

This unique design integrates the bracket and gasket of the existing dual-lens system and offers a sealed boundary between both lenses and a secure attachment of lens to the frame. These lenses are stylish and were made for endless fog-free vision with a proprietary Super Anti-Fog formula.

Overall Impression

Dragon APX Goggles ($199.99) combine modern design with frameless lenses and a secure lock system. Designed with one style, in two sizes for men and women alike Dragon APX will put you in a new frame of mind.

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