ENO Lounger Chair Review

Man Sitting in Chair with Stunning Sunset CampingTesting the ENO Lounger DL Chair With a Stunning View | Photo Crista Valentino Mountain Weekly News

Can you really improve on the classic camp chair? Myself and a cadre of camp buds were skeptical but were proven wrong with the ENO Lounger DL Chair.

Typically known for their hammocks, ENO found a way to offer the lounge-comfort design on four legs. The system has a slight recline with padded armrests and a built-in (but unadjustable) pillow.


Camp Chair ENO Chair

ENO Lounger DL Camp Chair | Photo Crista Valentino Mountain Weekly News

The tough 210d ripstop nylon fabric provides an extra layer of support and toughness except against rogue embers so keep a heads up around the fire.  If you really want to go into lounge mode, the adjustable legs give two height options by simply flipping the posts out of the way.

The chair includes two stretch cargo pockets and a built-in cup holder wide enough to fit a Hydroflask…although the cup holder is a bit flimsy and could be deeper to keep drinks from tipping over.


At just under 5lbs (4lbs 10oz / 2.1kg) and with a durable stuff sack with an adjustable shoulder strap, the Lounger DL is easily portable for car camping, a beach getaway, or a music festival.


ENO Lounger Chair Setup

Setting up the ENO Lounger Chair | Photo Crista Valentino Mountain Weekly News

You have to put in a little work to get to the comfort, though on this ENO chair. The pole system assembly is convoluted, to say the least. It includes a “shock cord” system which helps the poles snap into place…when you get them to where they are supposed to be. Once you get them connected, the poles easily slide into reinforced pockets in the corners of the chair.


  • Pole system/set up and assembly
  • Cup holder is flimsy and shallow
  • Non-fireproof material
  • Inability to breakdown quickly

Disassembling and rolling the pile of legs together with the chair material to fit back in the stuff sack took a few tries (and another person). I’d imagine that this will get more straightforward with some experience. Another downside about the system is that, unlike a typical camp chair that you can fold accordion-like to break down quickly or transport from spot to spot, the Lounger DL requires you to either completely disassemble it or keep it set up.

Overall Impression

Chair with Cup Holder for Drinks Camping

Comfortable, Compact and Drink Ready | Photo Crista Valentino Mountain Weekly News

After being lulled into an unintentional nap while being cradled in this hammock-inspired seat, I’m converted. I’ll never go back to a regular camp chair again after using the nap worthy ENO Lounger DL ($139.99)

Favorite Features:

  • Adjustable leg height
  • Lounge-style configuration
  • Padded armrests and built in pillow (although, this might be annoying for shorter people)
  • High back for head/neck support (and good star gazing position)
  • Compact and portable system

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