LEKI Corklite Speedlock Trekking Pole Review

LEKI Corklit Trekking Pole Review

Clearly the LEKI Corkilte Trekking Poles feel good in the hand but there is more to the story. The Aergon COR-TEC material also limits the amount of sweat in your hands which helps to offer a safer more reliable grip while trekking in the mountains.


Trekking Pole Review from Gros Ventre

Kelly Albee Hiking with Leki Tour Poles | Photo Mike Hardaker Mountain Weekly News

Starting from the top-down LEKI incorporates Aergon COR-TEC material in the handle of these poles. What’s Aergon COR-TEC you ask? LEKI’s Corklite trekking pole grips are made of (80% natural ground cork). The handles positive angles allow your hands to stay in a natural ergonomically position while limiting the amount of pressure put on your wrist and fingers.

LEKI Skin Strap’s hold everything into place via a breathable – removable strap. To remove the strap, simply lift up on the handle (where the strap meets the pole) and unscrew to remove the strap.

Thanks to the use of aluminum in each 3 sections of the pole’s shaft LEKI’s Corklite Poles weight 9.0 oz per pole (255 grams). This light swing weight is perfect for hikers and trail runners that like to keep a fast pace moving through mountainous terrain.

LEKI Speedlock

Are you perhaps sick of your collapsible poles shrinking on the trail? I know I am. Thankfully LEKI uses the SpeedLock2 system on the Corklite Poles. SpeedLock2 allows for quick on the fly adjustments of the pole, and can be opened and closed with just your thumb.

LEKI took it a step even farther by adding adjustable knobs on the side of the SpeedLock2 that allows for tightening and loosening of the lock. As terrain starts changing and you find yourself needed a different length of pole the LEKI Corklite Speedlock Trekking Pole will soon become your best friend and one of your most trusted pieces of gear.

LEKI Corklite Poles

Kelly Testing Leki Corklite Poles in Gros Ventre Wilderness | Photo Mike Hardaker Mountain Weekly News

With 3-section telescoping poles, the LEKI Corklite has a range from 26.4 to 53.1 in. And packs down to 26 in. So just about anyone and everyone will be able to use these poles.

The baskets on the Corklite poles are interchangeable allowing for a quick and easy swap. You can easily go from rock to ice and back and forth with the poles. Especially considering LEKI uses bomber carbide tip ends that will cut into almost any terrain you can find. In the summer months, I tend to hike with these poles using small baskets and a rubber tip over the carbide end.


Leki Carbide Pole End Tip

Leki Carbide Pole End Tip | Photo Mike Hardaker Mountain Weekly News

Overall Impression

Let these poles take the work and weight off your knees. The next time you’re heading out into the mountains and looking for a reliable pair of poles to accompany you, the LEKI Corklite Trekking Pole ($139.00) should be on your radar.

Even with the poles being so darn lightweight the offer a strong sturdy-feeling you will be sure to love.

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