Mud River Dog Seat Cover Review

Mud River Seat Cover for Dogs Double BarrelGerman Shorthaired Pointer Dog Seat Cover | Photo Mike Hardaker Mountain Weekly News

“Dirty Trucks, Lonely Wives, Happy Dogs” sounds about right! Thanks to Mud River I know no longer worry about having a dirty, muddy or wet dog in the back seat of my truck. Simply install the Two Barrel Double Seat Cover over a bench seat and let your dog, well be a dog.

Reversible Seat Cover

The Mud River Cover is reversible, easy to clean and comes in hunt friendly colors. I don’t have a headrest on my backseat so the cover is actually just laid over the bench and it’s been working great that way for months. The nylon / ripstop material is bomber and has held up well with my dog’s long nails, while other seat covers we tested wore out in days or weeks.

Overall Impression

Also, another bonus is on cold days the Mud River Dog Seat Covers ($77) seems to offer a bit of extra warmth, your dog and friends will thank you, and maybe your wife too, however, odds are if she’s riding in the back seat your already in the dog house.

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