Readywise: Skimp on weight, not taste

Backpacking Mac and Cheese

The team at Readywise obviously knows how it is to survive in the backcountry. Weight is king. And their meals are made so you don’t have to bring plates and bowls to eat from. All you need is a stove and something to boil water in and bam, you have a ridiculously good backcountry meal you eat right out of the bag. And it’s easy enough to use even my 7-year-old could figure it out.

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Backpacking Granola

Readywise is a food company that specializes in food kits. They make home food supply kits so that you can build up your stockpile for whatever the next emergency or pandemic or whatever. But their backcountry, or “Adventure” meals are really the bomb. From Old Country Pasta Alfredo with Chicken to Backcountry Wild Rice Risotto to Still Lake Lasagna with Sausage to simple Golden Fields Mac and Cheese, you got dinner covered. There’s breakfast (e.g. Sunrise Strawberry Granola Crunch), desserts (e.g. Trail Treats Mango Sticky Rice),  and even special things like vegan or gluten-free (Treeline Teriyaki Chicken & Rice). They all taste better than any also-rand freeze-dried meal and definitely better than that bag of rice I usually carry).

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Readywise Review

I took my son up for a late September backpack. After running up the mountain and into a cave, we just barely got our tent set up before the grapple-into-snow storm started. I heated up water inn the vestibule of our tent and poured it into our packets. The directions then are simple: close the bag, shake it up good (make sure the bag is closed), then leave it to “cook” in the boiling water. This was clutch since we had to do all our cooking and eating in the tent as the storm raged on outside. I had the wild rice risotto, he had the mac and cheese. It was one of our better backcountry meals and had definitely been our lightest to carry up. We opened them up, dug in, and laughed at the storm slamming the world outside the safe confines of our tent. In the morning, we had the strawberry granola crunch. Well-fed and happy, we started back out in the thin layer of snow blanketing the world around us.

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Overall Impression

Readywise lets you skimp on weight with their fully self-contained meals. No plates or bowls necessary, no mess, easy cook and cleanup. With enough delicious options to satisfy every palate and 3-step-prep, Readywise is an essential companion on your next big backcountry trip.

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A mountain dilettante, by way of Baltimore and SoCal, raising a family in the Tetons on an endless quest for unobstructed views, high endorphin flow, experienced enlightenment, and the world’s best fried chicken.

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  1. You are a liar! Yes I called you a liar. I don’t know how much the company paid you to post this obviously bogus review, but I hope your credibility was worth it. We have several brands of emergency food and recently purchased several buckets of Readywise and tried all of the different meals. Every recipe in the bucket was horrible. Every recipe cooked up to the consistency of soup. It is inedible for anyone who isn’t completely starving to death.

    • “bucket”

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, different food in the bucket vs what we tested.


    • Yeah, this was for the backpacking food, not the buckets. Thus the opening line, “The team at Readywise obviously knows how it is to survive in the backcountry.” Just out of curiosity, why does this article, completely unrelated to what you’re ranting about, make you so angry? I’m assuming you saw the headline and decided to comment without reading it? That’s okay, I heard Saturday was national troll day so good for you. Maybe get out of the bomb shelter/computer hub and go backpacking, might help you relax a little. And when you go backpacking, try some of that delicious Readywise backpacking food we tested. Mmmh mmh good.

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