Trew Gear Chariot Bib Review

Women Snowboarder on Teton PassNatalie Connell Testing Trew Chariot Bibs Hiking the Glory Bowl Bootpack | Photo Mountain Weekly News

For this test, I wore the Trew Gear Chariot Bibs at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort as well as a few times while splitboarding in the backcountry on Teton Pass and in Grand Teton National Park. The Trew Charito Bibs worked great both in and out of bounds and in a variety of conditions.

Trew Bib Sizing

Adjustable Ski Bibs For Women

Trew’s Adjustable Straps | Photo Mountain Weekly News

For sizing, the Trew Chariot Bibs have a true to size fit and would most likely work for a variety of body types. For instance, I usually wear a size small (5’4“, 120 lbs) but with the adjustability in the straps was able to make the Medium bibs work. Which makes sense as Trew sizing is +/- ½ on bibs with their classic fit.

Trew did a great job on the chest high design of these bibs. This was particularly noticeable while touring. The Chariot Bibs help to keep your core warm, especially if you’re touring with your jacket off.  On the front the chest pockets are placed well and are helpful and easy to access. The pockets are perfect for storing small gear and snacks. However one has a dedicated use.

Snow Safety

Trew built the Chariot Bibs with a pocket for an avalanche beacon directly on the chest.  You can even attach your beacon to the internal d-ring. Trew clearly understands their intended customer. They took it a step farther and included a built in RECCO® reflector on the Chariot Bibs, which is a nice added piece of safety for people riding inbounds at ski resorts.

The Trew Gear Chariot Bib Pant comes with a built in drop-seat, it’s a fantastic design. Although it took me a second to realize you need to flip the draft flap up first and then it’s an easy zip and unzip for when nature calls. Having used many pairs of women’s bibs with varying designs of drops-seats, the Chariot Bib drop-seat is the best I’ve come across so far, it’s simple and efficient.


Women Wearing Ski Bibs

Trew Chariot Bibs Thigh Pockets | Photo Mountain Weekly News

The Chariot Bibs breathe well with 20k breathability rating and have good waterproofing with the 20k standard rating. Sometimes it’s hard to get both of these features nailed in one product, but Trew was able to pull it off..  I went out a couple times in very snowy conditions and they performed very well in temperatures ranging from 20 degrees all the way down to -10 degrees.  And on warmer tours, the side vents were great to cool off while touring or boot packing.

I really liked how well these bib kept snow out. The inner cuffs even had nice stretchy elastic that easily fit over snowboard boots without letting snow in. Combined with the perfect blend of breathability, waterproofing and durable material and you can rest assure you’re going to stay dry and comfortable while wearing these snow bibs.  Which is not always common.

Cuffs Over Snowboard Boot

Trew’s Chariot Bib Cuffs Slide Easily Over Boots | Photo Mountain Weekly News

Overall Impression

I’m super psyched on the Trew Chariot Bibs ($439.99) and absolutely in love with the color. Overall great design that works for skiers and snowboarders. Especially for women that are touring in the backcountry or hiking for turns at their local resort.

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