Union Atlas Snowboard Bindings Review

Mens Union Snowboard Binding

The Union Atlas Bindings are without a doubt the most comfortable and responsive snowboard bindings on the market. UNION’s team riders are some of the best snowboarders in the world including Travis Rice and Torstein Horgmo to name a few.

Union Atlas Bindings Technology

Let’s be clear the Union Atlas Bindings are not the lightest on the market however with a little-added weight comes a couple of things, first is the convenience in the form of tool-free adjustments. It’s easy as cake thanks to the Multizone highback. Are you going to take some laps through the pipe, if so you’ll love how easy it is to adjust your forward lean without having to hassle with tools?

Now the fun starts, too bad I didn’t mount these to my board earlier in the season as my riding is now “UNION Strong”. I felt overly confident once I stepped into my bindings. You really feel LOCKED into your board when strapped into the Atlas bindings. Thanks to a stiffer feel the response from binding to board was instantaneous, want to make a turn the bindings will make it happen!!

Kickers, pow, rails, boxes you name it the Union Atlas bindings felt like they were glued to my feet, I jump, they came with.


I especially love the feel of the Atlas Binding straps, they remind me of wakeboard bindings almost with a gel insert feel. Are you sick and tired of sore feet and cramps while riding, if so Union will become your new favorite brand? Best of all the base is slightly padded, you can literally spend hours in these bindings, oh so comfy. The Union Atlas snowboard binding uses Stage III Duraflex ST baseplates and features a lifetime warranty on the base.

Union is also thinking about the long-term environment by using Recycled Aluminum Heelcups, and Recycled Strap material. Some other great construction features are the Magnesium Buckles, Universal Disks and Injected EVA bushings to help with damping these bindings deliver a smooth ride all around.

Overall Impression

Are you still reading, cause you should be out trying to track down a pair of Union Atlas Bindings ($309.99), they are that good. Odds are the Union Atlas bindings are going to be one of the best snowboarding bindings of the year.

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