Top 10 Snowboard Tools

Best Snowboard Tools

Do you need a snowboard tool to do it all, or do you just need a screwdriver and some extra features for your very high brow snowboard? The best snowboard tools ensure the snow party never stops. There are many things to consider when purchasing a snowboard tool. We picked 5 of the best snowboard tools on the market to take the guesswork away.

Best Snowboard Tools 2020


Dakine Torque Snowboard Tool Driver

Dakine Torque Driver – ($10.95)

This was the first multitool I ever bought and still gets the job done. With a #2 and #3 Phillips, #3 Posidrive, a flathead and a small hex (that all fit into the hollow handle) it can handle basically all your binding needs – certainly tighten your baseplate when you get those early season wiggles. And it’s got a wrench. But where I prefer it over the Stance driver and other Dakine snowboard tools is the ability to grip its perpendicular handle and really crank down. One of the best snowboard multi-tools on the market.

[Purchase: $10.95]

Leatherman Wingman Tool

Leatherman Wingman – ($49.95)

In Our last list, we hit on the Leatherman Hail and no doubt it’s a great snowboard multi-tool with a few extra features to dial that in. But I personally take my Wingman everywhere with me year-round. It’s beautiful in its simplicity – Phillips and flathead (which I’ve used countless times on various bindings), scissors, spring-loaded pliers, can opener, a few other things. And a knife, which I’ve actually used before to cut up part of a shirt to stanch blood. The fact that so many people go into the backcountry without a knife (also useful in your snowpits, or if you have to make an emergency fire) astounds me. And it’s got a bottle opener. This is a great snowboarding multitool that can do just about everything including slicing cheese.

[Purchase: $49.95]

686 Snowboard Tool Belt

686 Tool Belt – ($45)

I love multi-function gear. And it’s pretty cool everything they’re incorporating into outdoors belts these days.  686, with their emphasis on style and function, has created a tool that keeps your pants up and tightens your bindings. The 686 Original Snow Tool Belt has a #2 Phillips and flathead bit, 8mm, 10mm and 11mm wrench loops, and, of course, a bottle opener. No this shouldn’t be your only tool. But it’s great for a day cruising inbounds when you forget to grab a tool and don’t want to go searching for that tool-bench with most of the drivers stolen off it anyway.

[Purchase: $45]

Burton MTN Essentials Snowboard Tool

Burton Mountain Essentials – ($109.95)

A tool is a must. But as a snowboarder, if you don’t have extra screws, an edge sharpener and wax, you could be in serious trouble regardless of whether or not you have some fancy 10-bit ratchet contraption. I once had to backtrack halfway across Jackson Lake because I’d lost a strap screw on the skin across and didn’t carry extras. Then there was the day I spent side-hilling so much across a firm Glacier Gulch that I wasn’t able to get purchase on the boilerplate special lurking below my fluffy couloir. And don’t get me started on sucking speed in the flats after skin glue rips all the wax off my board. Yes, the EST Snowboard Tool Tuning Kit would be tool that best fits this list (with Phillips, 2 and 3, bottle opener, it made our previous list). But what good is a screwdriver if you’re down a screw? Perhaps the best set of Burton snowboard tools todate.

[Purchase: $109.95]

#3 Phillips – ($8)

In the end, though, sometimes less is more. A good old fashioned #3 screwdriver is always on Mike and I when venturing into the backcountry with a new setup, which is how we spend a good portion of our winters. Sure, there’s only one type of screw it works on and there’s no bottle opener. But if you need to really crank down on your binding/board interface (either toe or underfoot) – which is the issue about 90% of the time for any snowboarders – all you really need is a bomber #3.

[Purchase: $8]

Dakine Stance Snowboard Tool

Dakine Stance Driver Snowboard Tool – ($14.95)

The Dakine Stance Driver has saved me on the hill more times than I can count. Sadly it was never my tool that saved me. I had to borrow this tool from a friend. It’s a user-friendly tool that just works. With a nice torque action and numerous bits to choose from, your bindings will stay tight while your ride loose. This tool is affordable and comes with the bonus measuring tape to make sure your stance is a perfect width every time.

[Purchase: $14.95]


Burton TNT Snowboard Tool

Burton EST Snowboard Tool – ($27.95)

Burton’s EST snowboard tool is the most portable tool on the list. This tool consists of a #2 and #3 Phillips screwdriver, bottle opener, keychain loop, pocket friendly design and works with any binding. It may not have the kind of torque that I like to keep my bindings tight, but it’s a simple tool that will work in a pinch. You may just dig the Rasta colorways. A nice snowboard pocket tool that won’t take up too much space.

[Purchase: $27.95]


Leatherman Snowboard Tool

Leatherman Hail Snowboard Tool – ($40)

Leatherman X Signal Snowboard Hail/PS Tool is my favorite for an all-mountain-do-everything-and –still-remain-portable-tool. And at $40 it’s also the most expensive snowboard tool on our list. It may sound like a lot of money, but if you snowboard as much as I do you can see how this do-everything-ultimate quiver tool really comes in handy. The Leatherman X Signal Snowboard Tool consists of the following: a carabineer, Machined-wax scraping Edge, #3 Flat/Philips screwdriver, 10 mm wrench, bottle opener, lace assist (so your hands don’t get dry and cracked from tightening those boots), headphone storage, spring-action needle nose pliers, Spring-action regular pliers, spring-action wire cutters, scissors, flat/Phillips screwdriver, nail file, tweezers and bottle opener. Now, this is a 2 in 1 snowboard tool which can be purchased separately to accommodate your needs. With all the features and portability of this tool, it really can’t be beaten.

[Purchase: $40]

Spark R&D Multi-tool

Spark R&D Multi-tool – ($10)

This comes standard with every Spark binding, though you can buy it separately if you’ve lost yours or you’re not rockin’ Sparks. It’s probably my favorite tool – small enough to go unnoticed, I’ve even thrown it into my pants pocket (especially great when testing out bindings and I need to make adjustments on the fly and not have to take off your pack). Couple hexes (because that’s what those screws on your Sparks are), couple Phillips and 1 flathead that slides into a case smaller than a zippo. One of the better snowboard binding tools on the market.

[Purchase: $10]

Volcom Driver Snowboard Tool

Volcom Snowboard Tool – ($19.99)

The Volcom V-CO Driver is the skateboard tool of the snowboard world. It has a nice long shaft and wide rubber handle for that leverage and torque on your hardware to make sure them bolts stay tight. Military grade snowboard tool that will only set you back $23.95. This tool is composed of three options: a #3 Phillips head, #2 Phillips, and a slotted screw drive.

[Purchase: $19.99]

Snowboard Tool Price Comparison

  1. Dakine Torque Driver – $10.95
  2. Leatherman Wingman – $49.95
  3. 686 Tool Belt – $45.00
  4. Burton MTN Essentials – $109.95
  5. Philips Head Screwdriver – $8.00
  6. Dakine Stance Driver – $14.95
  7. Burton EST – $14.95
  8. Leatherman Hail$40.00
  9. Spark R&D Microtool – $10.00
  10. Volcom Snowboard Tool – $19.95

How often will you need your tool on you? Can it just sit in your car or locker until you need it for later?

Waiting for product details ...

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  1. The Dakine tool is all I’ve ever needed and saved many a day form friends around me…..key components carry if you ride regularly.

  2. Or you can get this for $6.50 at Wal-Mart like I did & put in the 6 bits that you actually really use the most & just carry it around in your pocket or backpack. The tape measure is nice, no doubt, on the DaKine Stance Driver, but I’ve had this for years & it does the job, every time! : )

    • James,

      Thank you for sharing that! Homerun, and yes for $6.50 this Standley tool has everything you need and a brand name you can trust. Well be sure to reach out them next go around. Nothing wrong with simplicity. As for the tape measure, usually I just wing it anyways.. I think we all have an idea of how wide we want our stance for snowboarding.


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