Voited Classic Pillow Blanket Review

Women Camping with Voited BlanketCrista Valentino Staying Cozy Testing the Voited Blanket | Photo Mountain Weekly News

I’ll put this out here from the beginning: I am a huge fan of quilts and, an even bigger fan of quilts that can snap or zip together to wrap me up in a big ol’ hug. So I might be a bit biased when it comes to Voited’s Classic Pillow Blanket but hear me out. 


Small Camp Blanket Size

Compact, Packable, Easy to Travel With Voited’s Pillow Blanket | Photo Crista Valentino Mountain Weekly News

The first thing I love about this blanket is its size. At 54” x 80”, we’re looking at almost the size of a queen sized bed when laid out or perfect for one person when folded into a typical sleeping bag. As its name indicates, the Pillow Blanket then packs down into an attached stuff sack that turns it into a 15” x 15” x 4” pillow. When you’re using the Pillow Blanket as a blanket, though, that same stuff sack can be used as storage for other things you want to keep close by (clothes, phone, headlamp, etc.).

If you want to pack it down smaller for transport, it comes with a separate stuff sack that brings you down to 14” x 5” x 5”. All in all, the setup weighs 1.9lbs / 30oz…which is pretty reasonable in my book. The blanket is rated at 55F/13C but I felt plenty warm overnight in the low 40sF. 

  • Packed: 14”x5”x5” / 36cmx13cmx13cm
  • Pillow: 15”x15”x4” / 38cmx38cmx10cm
  • Blanket: 54”x80x / 137cmx203cm
  • 1.9lbs / 30oz
Pillow Blanket Snaps

Pillow Blanket Snaps | Photo Crista Valentino Mountain Weekly News

Now, let’s get to the fun parts: it’s versatility. A few well placed snaps allow you to drape the blanket over your shoulders and attach it semi-cape/semi-poncho style to go into hands-free mode. Beyond just being a cozy covering for yourself, the Pillow Blanket also can attach to other Pillow Blankets if you want to create a 2-person sleep sack. Its water resistant material blocked out moisture when it was laid out on damp grass and dirt and debris shook off easily. 

The Pillow Blanket’s Recycled Ripstop fabric is 100% recycled polyester made from recycled plastic bottles and has a Teflon fabric protector to guard against stains. Something I always look for is ease of cleaning. The Pillow Blanket is machine washable, which gets huge points from me. 

Sleeping Under Stars Next to Fire

Sleeping Under the Stars with A Voited Blanket | Photo Crista Valentino Mountain Weekly News

Favorite Features

  • Versatility
  • Size when laid out fully
  • Eco-conscious design and materials
  • Cute design and colors
  • Machine washable


  • Size when packed down makes it unrealistic to backpack with


  • 30D Recycled Ripstop Polyester
  • Teflon EcoElite DWR coating
  • ED Synthetic Featherlight Fiber insulation

Overall Impression

Camping in Lounge Chair with Blanket

Crista Enjoying a Nice Morning in Her Voited Pillow Blanket | Photo Crista Valentino Mountain Weekly News

At around $100, Voited offers 18 different color combinations and designs to choose from.  With a style cute enough to drape over your couch but durable enough to handle the outdoors, the Pillow Blanket is a blend of technicality and comfort that won’t break the bank.

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