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Shane Saucer Boy GNAR Snowboarding GAME

How to earn GNAR Points while snowboarding is something that came to light while on tour with the TNF Masters. Thanks to one of the female competitors a group of us started watching the ski film GNAR before our contest in Crystal Mountain, WA. After an hour of laughter and ideas galore I started thinking about how we could snowboarders could play the Game of Gnar.

Please Note: The Mountain Weekly News is not to be held responsible for your actions on snow, this guide is simply for entertainment purposes: And feel free to adapt this game and these points to your local hill/shred community.  Its one of the more fun snowboarding games you can play while on and off the snow.

Game of GNAR Rules

GNAR Points

GS: Gnar Sticker Make your own GNAR sticker 500

NP: Nug To Perrata Give Nick Perrata a phat nug 1,000

PC: Pro Call Out To any pro, yell, Hey (name), I can’t believe you’re a pro. I’m totally better then you!! 500

TA: Tram Anouncment Get the Tram Operator to announce to a full tram load, “And also today (your name) gets 2,000 GNAR extra credit points. Only one player per tram ride 2,000

TB: Ten Bucks Give out 5 Red Bulls or 5 PBR’s in line before the lift opens. 1,500

RD: Randi Dinner Take Randi from MSI to dinner at the restaurant of her choose 15,000

BR: Backwards Ride Ride switch from the top to the bottom of the mountain 2,000

OF: One Foot Forrest Take a run with 1 foot strapped in. No green runs 1000

EH: Employee Housing Spend the night in Employee Housing on the mountain. (employees are not allowed to play) bonus 15,000 points

for successfully scoring with an employee in the housing den. 5,000

HT: Hot Tub Ride fully clothed with equipment on into a hot tub 15,000

KB: Kiss Burt Kiss Tom Burt’s snowboard boots, he must be wearing the boots on the mountain! One player per hour. 10,000

CM: Challenge Mary Challenge Mary Boddington to a race and beat her. Mary chooses the venue 2,000

ML: Mom Line Talk to your mother on a cell phone while riding a black run from top to bottom. 6,000

SD: Ski Day Put a pair of skis on for the day and ride around the mountain. 2,000

PP: Pass Picture Obtain a totally ridiculous ski pass photo. Must have at least 3 people say how did they let you do that? or equivalent 15,000

TS: Temple Sign Get Temple Cummins to sign your ski pass in black sharpie 5,000

FC: Fart Call Fart in a crowded tram or tight space with lots of people around. When people start to notice claim your fart, raise your hand and say that was me 10,000

SH: Stranger Shat Ask a stranger on the lift if they have ever shit themselves skiing. Extra 4,000 points if they say they have. 2,000

PW: Pole Whack Pole whack at the top of a contest venue before dropping in. Must be a minimum of 1 minute 3,000

CC: Contest Claim Before dropping into a contest run yell, I am going to rip the shit out of this run and proceed to drop. 2,000

GT: Goggle Toss Toss your friends goggles from the lift into the forest. (-20,000 points if you cant find said goggles) 5,000

RN: Ride Naked Ride from top to bottom of any resort without any clothes on. Snowboard Gloves and Goggles are ok 25,000

RL: Ride Lingerie Ride through the terrain park hitting all the jumps wearing only women’s lingerie top and panties 10,000

SS: Sing Song Sing an entire song with a full chairlift of skiers or riders. Must be the top of your lungs and NO HIP-HOP 10,000

SJ: Sticker Job Put random stickers on your friend’s board overnight, must cover an entire front or back section. ( Bonus: 10,000 points of done the night before a contest to a sponsored rider) 4,000

FF: Frankie Favorites Get Frankie from MSI to say at the riders meeting “And also today (your name) gets 2,000 GNAR extra credit points. Only one player event 2,000

TP: Text Photo Text photo of Ralph Backstrom in his boxers to at least 5 people. 5,000

BL: Bumper Love Put a bumper sticker on your friends car 2,000

TS: Three Sixty Land a 360 and ride off clean( Bonus: 500 points switch) 500

FF: Five Forty Land a 540 and ride off clean ( Bonus: 1,000 points switch) 1,000

ST: Seven Twenty Land a 720 and ride off clean ( Bonus: 2,000 points switch) 2,000

FR: Follow Ralph Follow Ralph Backstrom off a 20 foot + cliff and keep up 5,000

PM: Proper Method Throw a proper method air, must have someone say that was sick or equivalent 3,000

PR: Park Rat Throw a 270 spin onto a box in the park, must ride off smooth 2,500

SL: Straight Line Straight line a contest run 7,000

LC: License Claim Get a custom license plate claiming something ski related. 25,000

AT: Air Time Speak on the microphone at a major event 3,0000

How to loose GNAR Points

TN: Tomahawk Nation Tomahawk 2 flips -2,000
YP: Young Gun Puke Puking at any time -5,000
BA: Bad Attitude Being a sour loser, -1,000
CT: Complaint to Tom Complaining to Tom Burt about your run scores in the TNF Masters -8,000
GB: Get Bloody Falling on the mountain and becoming bloody -9,000
MN; Mark Nug Never bringing nugs to the mountain but always mooching off others -15,000
TT: Tall Tee Wear a Tall T-shirt on the mountain or around town -20,000
FB: Foot Bar Lowering the foot bar on a chairlift -500
WC: Wear Camelback Wear a Camelback on the mountain -1,500
DE: Day Ender Day ending fall or injury -3,000
LG: Loose Goggles Lose goggles or hat in crash -500
GG: Gaper Gap Caught rocking a gaper gap between your snowboard helmet -1000
BC: Butt Check Butt checking an air -1000
JF: Jelly Fish Limp or unconscious sliding down the mountain after a fall -15,000
FL: Fall Off Lift Falling off chairlift, tbar or pama lift -10,000
CL: Cutting in Line Cutting in the chairlift line -1,000
FA: Fat Ass Sitting down to strap into your board -500
DC: Dan Cig Smoking a Cig on the chairlift, (green is ok) -500

GNAR is an Unofficial Networks Film by Scott & Robb Gaffney and Shane McConkey filmed in and around Squaw Valley and resorts across the west.

Anything I should add to the list? Would love to hear your comments on this one!!

And always remember Shane Skis Better Than You!!!

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