Stellar Heli Skiing Offers World Class Heli Skiing in BC

Stellar Heli Skiing

Founded in 2005 by Kerry Luckey and Jason Remple, Stellar Heli Skiing is already a major player in the heli skiing world. And things don’t look to be letting up anytime soon.

There’s a reason that the Kootenay Rockies were the birthplace of heli skiing and cat skiing. And that reason is the perfect powder, ample snowfall, and miles and miles of diverse terrain. But out of all the operators in the region, few match the level of expertise and provide quite the same backcountry experience as Stellar Heli Skiing does.

Stellar Heli Skiing POV Video

Stellar Heli Skiing Review

Essentially, Stellar provides an intimate all-inclusive heli skiing package in some of the best terrain in British Columbia. With access to over 80,000 acres, there is no limit to the fresh untracked powder available. Stellar offers single-day trips, multi-day adventures, and even customizable packages for those that already know what they want. Load up in the helicopter, find the best terrain possible and shred all day long.

Kaslo BC

Town of KASLO

The entire experience with Stellar Heli Skiing is amazing. Right from the get-go, the company treats you right. It is their commitment to professionalism and safety that ensures you of the great backcountry experience you have ahead of you.

Because of the small group sizes, each trip is very intimate. Your guide interacts with you and each other guest on a personal level. A pre-flight briefing helps you erase any safety concerns you might have and leaves you feeling confident in your guide.

There is a good chance you’ll have butterflies in your stomach as you lift off and head out for your first run – but they’re the good kind of butterflies. The next thing you know you’ll be down at your board while riding through the deepest, freshest, and softest powder imaginable to the pick-up zone. Then back in the chopper and off for another unbelievable run.

Whatever you do make sure you bring a powder board with you the snow up north is deep.

Kaslo Inn British Columbia

But a trip with Stellar Heli Skiing is about more than just epic shredding. They provide a comfortable all-around stay with lodging currently at the luxurious Kaslo Hotel. The town of Kaslo itself provides a great backdrop for a skiing trip with a couple of fun bars and restaurants to visit, its really starting to take off as place for people wanting to explore the BC outdoors.

Stellar Heli Skiing specializes in total satisfaction for intermediate and expert skiers. If you want to ski the Kootenay region’s legendary peaks and glaciers, then there are few better options than Stellar.

Plan Your Stellar Heli Skiing Trip

Remember back to the best day of skiing you ever had. Awesome, huh? Well, a day of skiing with Stellar Heli Skiing is sure to equal that if not better it by a dozen times. The beautiful location, outstanding mountains, small group experience, and variety of terrain (from high alpine to open tree glades to deep tree runs) make Stellar Heli Skiing unlike anything else.

Start planning your own Stellar Heli Skiing trip by visiting their website at And if the promise of untouched powder isn’t enough to get you stoked, this video of Henrik Windstedt exploring Stellar Heli Skiing is sure to do the job.

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