Best Snowboards for 2016 – 2017
The time has come to saddle up on a new board for the impending season. You might not be able to ride it quite yet, but you can cuddle up with it at night, tell it all your hopes and dreams, and fantasize about the first lap of the year together. So which 2017 snowboards  [...]
5 of the Best Pacific Northwest Hikes & Trail Runs
The Pacific Northwest has arguably the best hiking in the country. And anyone who has ever taken the opportunity to explore the territory is an advocate. It’s next to impossible to pick just 5 of the Best Hikes in the Pacific Northwest, but this grip of treks are supreme ambassadors of the jaw-dropping landscapes that  [...]
K2 Hurrithane Snowboard Binding
Delivering a whirlwind of flexibility and fun, the K2 Hurrithane Binding features urethane high backs, making them one of the softest, tweakable boot-grabbers out there. This was my first time trying out a pair that utilizes urethane in the high backs, and while K2 didn’t innovate the idea themselves, this process is still rather new.  [...]
2016 Lib Tech Hot Knife Review
I got the opportunity to put the Lib Tech Hot Knife through its paces on a demo day during this winters rad El Nino winter, and by the end of the day, they had to pry me off the board. Find out more in my Lib Tech Hot Knife snowboard review below : 2016 Lib  [...]
2016 Burton Flight Attendant Snowboard Review
When you step foot onto the 2016 Burton Flight Attendant Snowboard it sort of feels like joining the mile high club again, except better. Because rather being jammed in a tiny bathroom, you are slashing through powder and boosting off all kinds of natural features. Clear the runway, because with the Burton Family Tree Flight  [...]