L.L. Bean Men’s Gore-Tex Patroller Jacket
L.L. Bean invented the duck boot, arguably one of the most iconic pieces of outerwear ever. Yet their reputation is for affordable casual recreation wear, for flannels and comfortable dress clothes and everything else for the average suburban workaday semi-active. But like Superman, this mild 9-7 existence hides a superhero, an unconquerable power hiding in  [...]
POC Auric Cut Backcountry SPIN Snow Helmet
If you’re not wearing a helmet by now, you’re either not charging that hard or you’re an idiot. Yes, they take up space; they’re still stigmatized by some pros as not cool; a lot of them look goofy. Whatever your ego’s reason, get over it. Introducing the POCAuric Cut Backcountry SPIN Helmet. Which helmet do you  [...]
Mystery Ranch Patrol 35L Backpack Review
It’s funny, when a brand shows up on all the coconut telegrams, you think it’s some hot upstart that came out of the womb with guns blazing. But then you look into how a company like, say, Mystery Ranch has actually been around since 2000, working quietly and humbly on making the most perfect gear-luggers  [...]
Spark R&D Dyno DH Binding Review
Those damn AT skiers. If you’re a splitter, at one point or another you’ve cruised up with a couple rabid Dyna-freak two-plankers who make you feel like a complete barney. You’re chugging with all you got in your clunky split binders as they glide and sidehill ahead on their tech toepieces like some goddamn magic  [...]
Native Eyewear DropZone Goggle
It’s a big world from the top of a mountain; you gotta take it all in. The foothills undulating to the south; to the north, taller peaks reach for the sky, inspiring your next objectives. See that crown on that south-facing aspect you’d been thinking of checking out; see those trees hard to your right  [...]
How to Pick a Snowboard
“Snurfing is skiing, skateboarding and surfing all rolled into one outrageous wintertime sport! Turn a snow covered slope into a snowtime party place. … Available in two models: The Standard and the Super Racing model.” Snowboarding has come a long way from the faddish kid toy a couple crazies in Michigan called surfing on the  [...]