pjur Active 2skin Anti Chafing Gel Review
Feet are the most important part of the outdoorsperson’s body. And our feet take the most abuse day in day out. Like exponentially more. The geniuses at the pjur group get this. In fact, pjur anti-chafing 2skin gel may be the most important bit of gear you don’t have in your pack. It’s how you [...]
With Proximity, TGR Gets Zen Stoked
“Whether or not I’ve already caught the best wave of my life is — is a question that I don’t really wanna know the answer to. It’s a question I’ve been asking myself ever since I was a little kid.” So says Shane Dorian in Taylor Steele’s newest video, “Proximity,” produced in partner with TGR. [...]
Toad&CO Men’s Drover Jeans Review
Toad & Co. is firing on all cylinders. They make insane outdoor adventure gear, ranging from jackets and leggings to a life-changing camp hammock. But then they also make jeans with the style of a Hollywood hipster and the functionality of a NOLs instructor. To nail every aspect of the outdoor life, from the random [...]
Togowtee Mountain Lodge Review
The sound of 4-stroke engines idling as trucks creep over snow and gravel amid men and women in dark Klim gear walking off stiffness gives the parking lot of Togwotee Mountain Lodge the feeling of an army camp pre-battle. Mike and I stop to caffeinate and hydrate; a sign out front tells me snowmobiles are [...]