Dakine Scout Snowboard Gloves Review

Dakine Scout Gloves ReviewRyan Ariano wearing tje Dakine Scout Glove in the Tetons | Photo Mountain Weekly News

The Dakine Leather Scout Gloves are all-around performers that do the job at an affordable price. The gloves themselves will keep you dry most of the time but they include liners that are worth the price of admission even just by themselves.

Dakine DK Dry Weatherproofing

Dakine Liner

Ryan Ariano in the Dakine Scout Glove during snowstorm | Photo Mountain Weekly News

Dakine Scout Glove first off are wrapped in a synthetic outer shell plastered with DWR with DK Dry waterproof and breathable polyurethane. Then there’s the DWR goat leather in the palm to give the Leather Scout some extra steeze as well as a more comfortable feel and better grip. The right hand has a soft panel to wipe your nose and the left hand has a squeegee for your goggles.

Then you have the interior: 150g Tricot lining that keeps it warm enough for most days on the hill. And then there’s that removable storm liner glove made of 4-way stretch fleece. And you can even keep the liner on while using your smartphone, making it perfect for touring when you need some more dexterity and even want to snap some pics but it’s definitely too cold to barehand it.

Dakine Snowboard Glove Test

Dakine Scout Leather Glove Review

Dakine Scout Snowboard Glove | Photo Mountain Weekly News

This glove is really good. But there’s a reason it costs as little as it does. I wore the Leather Scout Glove with the liner on a low-single-digit temp resort day and I was having some issues with numbness, though it might’ve been that my hands were too big for the combo – alone, each component fit perfectly. Still, every time since that first day with cramped hands, the Dakine Leather Scout has felt super toasty in snow, ice, and wind. Especially perfect for touring, delivering a great balance especially while touring, keeping your hands warm but not so hot that your hands get too sweaty.

They’re also pretty waterproof, holding off the warm wet snow we’ve had this season. Yet one day when I was wallowing down a hill on my homemade pow surfer (which did not work so well), they were completely drenched through and through. So for 90% of my season, they’ve been perfect; but on the especially cold and wet ones, I found their shortcomings.

But what I really love? The liner. When I’m reviewing gear, I got t0 get pictures.  And when I barehand the phone, my Reynaud’s fingers freeze up pretty quickly. This has become my favorite backcountry accessory, my Dakine inner gloves that live in my jacket pockets. I’ve spent so much time living in these liners on mountaintops in the backcountry transitioning, snacking, getting summit pics, that I have them even when I’m not rocking the shells.

Overall Impression

Dakine Scout Snowboard Gloves

Dakine Scout Leather Palm | Photo Mountain Weekly News

The Dakine Leather Scout is a glove that keeps you warm and dry almost all the time with a liner that will become your ride-or-die backcountry companion. I had a little issue wearing the liner within the glove all day – it felt tight (though I had a large glove while everything else I wear is a medium, helmet aside).

High performance for a super low price, the Dakine Leather Scout ($49.99) is a day-to-day workhorse that performs much better than its price would make you think.

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