Dakine Titan GORE-TEX Gloves Review

Dakine Titan Glove, Photo Eric Odlin | Mountain Weekly NewsEric Odlin Testing Dakine Titan Gloves Snowboarding | Photo Mountain Weekly News

The Dakine Titan Gloves are warm with 230 gm High loft synthetic insulation. It’s more than enough to keep you warm on the coldest days.


Dakine Titan GORE-TEX Glove

Dakine Titan Glove | Photo Eric Odlin Mountain Weekly News

The Dakine Titan Gloves are reserved for really cold days only. They have a GORE-TEX insert so I’m not worried about staying dry, but the bag like insert can feel a bit stuffy. Now I know what the zippered pouch/vent is for on the back of your hand. Also, you can put a hand warmer in there if you’re cold-blooded.

Size and fit wise these run a bit large. These are mediums, but they fit my size large hands perfectly. They have decent dexterity for a medium-heavy insulated glove. No prob running bindings, but zippers, and snowboard helmet straps, not so much.

And did I mention the gauntlets? It’s been a coon’s age since I’ve ridden a pow day with my sleeves inside my gloves and guess what? It works! Now I can never go back. They fit under sleeves well enough if you’re worried about your “kook” status. The leather palms feel soft and durable, but are a little slippery when grabbing the board. Hitting them with the included Nikwax gave ‘um grip and kept the water out.

Overall Impression

Eric rocking the Titan Gloves from Dakine, Photo Mountain Weekly News

Eric rocking the Titan Gloves from Dakine | Photo Mountain Weekly News

The Dakine Titan Glove ($64.95) is definitely good value in the mid-range/insulated/gauntleted/GORE-TEX /leather palmed/cold weather/takin’ me back glove market. It’s nice to get back together with an old friend like Dakine and find they are still doing it right. A real snowboarding glove for all conditions.

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