Itiwit X500 Inflatable Touring Stand-Up Paddle Board 13′ Review

Man with Bright Swim Trunks on SUP BoardMountain Weekly News Founder Mike Hardaker Testing the Itiwit X500 SUP in Grand Teton National Park | Photo Connor Burkesmith Mountain Weekly News

Blue skies and glassy water; what SUP dreams are made of. The Itiwit X500 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, SUP for short, was my board of choice for the day. The Itiwit first caught my attention with it’s sleek design and elegant color pallet.

Now not all riders are concerned with matching their swimsuit to their paddle board, but it’s fair to say Itiwit nailed the aesthetic.

Strengths and Shortcomings

Long Narrow SUP

The Decathlon Itiwit 500 is Fast on Water with It’s Sleek Design | Photo Connor Burkesmith Mountain Weekly News

Okay, okay, now to the things that matter. The Itiwit X500 Inflatable Touring SUP measures 13’ long, 31” wide, 6” thick and rides almost like it looks. The Itiwit is built to cruise. With the pintail design this thing got up to speed quicker than any of the other SUPs and required much less effort to do so. The Itiwit also felt very sturdy as it gained speed allowing for easy paddling.

Man on Paddleboard on String Lake

Connor Burkesmith Contemplating The Next SUP Maneuver | Photo Kelsey Takeuchi Mountain Weekly News

This superpower does come with a slight downside, however. When idling, the Itiwit was not quite as stable as the other boards. Additionally, I noticed the extra couple feet of length – this board was the longest board we tested out – did sacrifice some maneuverability in tight places.


Itiwit X500 Paddleboard Kit

The Itiwit X500 Paddle Board Looks Great on The Water | Photo Connor Burkesmith Mountain Weekly News

From set up to take down it was obvious that Itiwit paid attention to detail and made sure each feature was taken care of. The X500 comes with a bag that doubles as a backpack making transport a breeze. With the dual action handpump (sold separately) – the Itiwit filled up relatively quick and felt quite firm in the water. The pump was small but powerful making it perfect for someone with limited space.

Single Fin Stand Up Paddleboard Design

The Single Fin is Easy to Put On and Off | Photo Connor Burkesmith Mountain Weekly News

After inflating the board, clipping on the single fin was easy and intuitive. The SUP also has 3 handles; one on either end and one in the middle. This made carrying and loading quite easy.

Once on the water it was time to test out the paddle. The paddle breaks down into 3 pieces for easy transport and is adjustable for a wide range of riders. While I did not notice much difference in functionality amongst the paddles I tested, the Itiwit paddle (sold separately), unsurprisingly, looked the sleekest.

SUP Benjie Cord Storage

Plenty of Space to Store Extra Gear on the Itiwit X500 Inflatable Touring SUP | Photo Connor Burkesmith Mountain Weekly News

Got stuff? The Itiwit X500 SUP has you covered. While almost all paddle boards nowadays have some sort of bungie system, Itiwit went above and beyond. The front bungie system had wings on either side that were perfect for securing the smaller items that would fall out in traditional systems.

Who’s This Board For?

Man Paddleboarding in Jackson Hole

Mike Hardaker Moving Fast on the Itiwit X500 SUP | Photo Connor Burkesmith Mountain Weekly News

The Itiwit X500 Inflatable Touring SUP 13’ is perfect for users that want to go the distance. This board makes paddling feel effortless and is designed with touring in mind. Due to the board’s speed capabilities, intermediate and advanced experienced paddlers would benefit most from its sleek and efficient design.

Women Doing Yoga on SUP in Grand Teton National Park

This Boards Not Just Meant For Going Fast, Natalee Simpson Enjoying Yoga Sun Salutations on the Itiwit X500 Stand Up Paddle Board | Photo Connor Burkesmith Mountain Weekly News

Overall Impression

Itiwit has delivered an outstanding option for an inflatable touring SUP with its X500 SUP. For $628.99, interested parties can purchase a comprehensive package that includes the board, pump and paddles – a worthwhile purchase for those looking for a killer SUP.

Grand Teton National Park Paddleboarder

Connor Burkesmith Remembering How Much Fun a Day Paddleboard Can Be Thanks to the Decathlon Itiwit X500 | Photo Kelsey Takeuchi  Mountain Weekly News

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