Euy Folding K6 E-Bike Review

Euy Foldable Electric BicycleEuy Foldable Electric Bicycle Test in Jackson WY | Photo Rich Goodwin Mountain Weekly News

Excellent, Ultrafast and Young is what the name Euy Bike stands for and it’s a fairly spot on marketing pitch.  Why is that you ask?  The Euy Bike Folding Electric K6 Bicycle is zippy, fast, fun to ride and will be a hit with the young city commuter crowd.  Heck even “older” adults that want to have some fun will surely appreciate this foldable e-bike and for many reasons.


Turning on Electric Bicycle

The Fast and Lighweight Euy K6 Foldable E-Bike Makes for Easy Turning | Photo Rich Goodwin Mountain Weekly News

The Euy Folding E-Bike works for a variety of heights thanks to the bikes adjustable handlebars and seat post.  Euy recommends riders be between 5’1 -6’5 to ride this bike comfortably and the bikes total weight capacity can handle a whopping 300 lb.

Since this bike is foldable, you can actually put the Euybike in the back of your trunk or even in a closet inside your home if space is an issue which is one of the strong selling points of this bike.  Some people are hesitant to ride folding bikes, maybe they don’t think they perform as well as a bike with a standard frame or are that foldable bikes are not as safe?

About to Jump on Ebike

Mike Hardaker Getting Ready to Jump the Euy Foldable Ebike in 3,2,1, | Photo Rich Goodwin Mountain Weekly News
Ebike Bunny Hop Air, Tires off Ground

Having Way Too Much Fun on the Euy Foldable E-Bike Hitting Small Jumps | Photo Rich Goodwin Mountain Weekly News

I would argue both would be wrong as some of our favorite e-bikes being tested as of late, also had the ability to fold up similar to the Rad Expand.


Picking Up E-Bike 1 Handed

Mike Hardaker Lifting the Euy Foldable E-Bike with 1 Arm | Photo Rich Goodwin Mountain Weekly News

Some e-bikes are hard to lift and move around, with the Euy folding bike that’s not the case.  The K6 Euy Folding Bike model we tested has a weight of 56.4 lb with the battery installed.  The lightweight compact design makes this bike even easier to lift into your trunk or even take up a flight of stairs at work or home.

Who’s The Bike For?

Man Riding E-Bike in Parking Lot Structure Green Shirt, Grey Bike

Mike Hardaker Test Riding the Euy Foldable Bike Going Uphill | Photo Rich Goodwin Mountain Weekly News

Euy’s Foldable E-Bike is built for city commuters that like to be a little bit sporty from time to time.  The tires are thin 20″ x 1.95″ tires making them fast and easy to maneuver from side to side making this a great choice for bike paths, or for a city bike riding in and out of city traffic.

E-Bike with Front and Rear Shocks

The Euy K6 Foldable E-Bike Model Has Front and Rear Shock Absorbers | Photo Rich Goodwin Mountain Weekly News

One thing that’s cool about this city commuter electric bicycle is it has dual shock absorbers like you would find on a mountain bike in the front and rear which helps when going over bumps or even jumping off curbs if you like that sort of fun. Or you can just simply sit on this seat which is really padded and commute to work, the gym, yoga or whatever errands you may have.

Soft Black Rubber Padded Bicycle Seat

Incredibly Soft Euy Bike Seat Perfect for Long Rides | Photo Rich Goodwin Mountain Weekly News

I live in a town with lots of traffic in the summer which makes a bike like the Euy Folding E-bike perfect for getting through traffic quicker and cutting down on gas money.

500W Hub Motor

500 Watt Small E-Bike Motor

500W E-Bike Motor | Photo Rich Goodwin Mountain Weekly News

This class 2 ebike has a top speed of 22 mph while using the throttle which is powered by a 500W rear hub motor power.  This motor size is smaller than the majority of bikes we have tested in the 750W range but seems to do just fine with the bikes geometry, size and weight.

If only using the pedal assist mode the Euy Folding E-Bike can get up to 60 miles on a full battery and around 40 miles max if using the throttle vs peddle assist the entire time.

5 Modes E-Bike Computer

5 Levels of Speed Modes to Pick From | Photo Rich Goodwin Mountain Weekly News

Keep in mind your mileage will also vary depending on your weight, wind, terrain and which of the 7 speeds or 5 peddle assist modes you find yourself using.


Euy Frame E-Bike LG Battery

Integrated Frame Battery Design | Photo Rich Goodwin Mountain Weekly News

Euy’s Foldable E-Bike uses a 48V12.8Ah LG Lithium battery that seems to have a longer battery life than other batteries we tested, perhaps due to the bikes lightweight design and easy peddling that doesn’t take much effort. Peddling this bike even when not on is much easier than say a fat tire e-bike.

Plus the battery is built into the frame giving the bike a nice aerodynamic look and feel which might confuse some people as it doesn’t really look like an e-bike.

Man in Nice Shirt Riding Electric Bicycle

Mike Hardaker Zipping Around on the Euy Foldable Electric Bicycle | Photo Rich Goodwin Mountain Weekly News


Shimano E-Bike Shifter

Shimano Shifter | Photo Rich Goodwin Mountain Weekly News
Shimano Derailleur on Ebike

Shimano Derailleur | Photo Rich Goodwin Mountain Weekly News

For the price of the bike it’s nice to see this Euy Foldable Electric Bike including the standard Shimano 7-Speed Shifter and Shimano Derailleur. On the brakes, Euybike is using Wuxing Disc Brakes which is the first time we have seen this brand being used.

Wuxing Bike Brakes

Wuxing Disc Brakes | Photo Rich Goodwin Mountain Weekly News

One thing we noticed was the Wuxing Disc Brakes stopping power was really quick as the Wuxing e-brake levers feature an electric cutoff switch that stops the motor from spinning while braking. This is a great safety feature we wish more electric bicycle included as it’s no fun when the motor keeps turning when you’re attempting to brake.

Man Riding Electric Bicycle in Parking Garage, Green Shirt, Grey Bike

Mike Hardaker is 5’11 Riding the Euy Foldable E-Bike | Photo Rich Goodwin Mountain Weekly News

Overall Impression

Chilling on an E-Bike, man with Sunglasses and Red Hair

Taking it All in After a Fun Day of Riding the Euy Foldable K6 E-Bike | Photo Rich Goodwin Mountain Weekly News

To find an folding electric bicycle with this size, speed and fun all wrapped up in one package you should expect to pay more than the ($1,099) Euy Folding Electric Bikes Price Tag. Were excited by this bike and the RV crowd will be especially too. These are the sort of e-bikes that you should have with you all summer long for city rides and should always be considered to bring on your next road trip across the country, as they pack down so small and you surely won’t regret having an ebike to ride where ever you may be.

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