Flylow Mittens Review

Flylow Oven MittensFlylow Oven Mittens Test | Photo Max Mogren Mountain Weekly News

Frost-nipped fingers are totally avoidable with the right gear, and The Flylow Oven Mittens are a durable and minimalist set of mitts that have found their way into my kit for a wide variety of adventures.  Smart little buggers, and reliable too.

Flylow Oven Mitts Pigskin

Mittens for Skiing

FlyLow Over Mittens = Warmth | Photo Max Mogren Mountain Weekly News

The Flylow Oven Mittens are made out of pigskin, a skin scientifically proven to be the most durable yet pliable part of not just pigs, but of perhaps all farm animals.  Those pigs roll around in some pretty nasty stuff before their skin gets turned into assorted items like gloves, mittens, and footballs, but just think about all the abuse a football goes through and realize that pigskin is some tough stuff, and naturally water-resistant to boot.  After being turned into mittens the pigskin is waterproofed with two coats of SnoSeal, which is the gold standard of ski bum waterproofing substances with the added bonus of being easy to reapply at home a few years down the road when its magical properties start to wear off.

Flylow Warmth

I found the Flylow Oven Mittens to be warmer than typical ski gloves without being bulkier like typical mittens.  These mittens have more dexterity than a thicker, bulkier set of mittens, and they also pack well without taking up much of the precious space in your ski pack.  They’ve got a simple, clean design, a classic, timeless style, and are made by an independent, small company: as long as you’re not opposed to wearing leather these mittens are pretty much perfect.

My only (minor) gripe is that these mittens could be slightly wider across the hand to let the fingers splay out a little more, for additional comfort and dexterity.  Like all mittens, the Flylow Oven Mittens are not ideal for operating machinery, riding snowmobiles, or throwing hand signals.

Let’s face it, buddy, you *need* to wear something on your hands out there.  These are a perfectly appropriate mitten for everyday use.  On warm days they’ll be good to have at the bottom of your pack just in case your gloves get wet and your fingers get a little chilly.  On colder days you’ll be wearing them all the time.  On really cold days this could be a great option when headed uphill, with a bigger bulkier mitten in your pack for the descent.

Overall Impression

Skier in Mittens

Max Rocking the FlyLow Over Mitt in the Snake River Range of Wyoming | Photo Mountain Weekly News

Let us all join hands — yes you can keep wearing your Flylow Oven Mitts ($49.95) — and bow our heads for a moment of silent reflection to thank the pigs for the their ultimate sacrifice, to thank the people who turned those pigs into leather, to thank Flylow Gear for making a set of mittens as fine as the Flylow Oven Mittens!

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