POC Auric Cut Backcountry SPIN Snow Helmet
If you’re not wearing a helmet by now, you’re either not charging that hard or you’re an idiot. Yes, they take up space; they’re still stigmatized by some pros as not cool; a lot of them look goofy. Whatever your ego’s reason, get over it. Introducing the POCAuric Cut Backcountry SPIN Helmet. Which helmet do you  [...]
Best Snowboard Helmets of 2015
Finding a helmet that provides the proper fit for your head is absolutely key. Here are a few helmets to look into this season that will both keep your noggin safe and garner the respect you deserve. Best Snowboard Helmet 2015 Staff Favorites Smith Vantage Helmet If you already own Smith goggles, this is a  [...]
Giro Discord Helmet Review
The Giro Discord provides the precise fit you need and the softshell you’ve been looking for. If you’re one to hit the slopes with freestyle or backcountry riding in mind this is a great day-to-day option. Versatility, durability and comfort meet here. I have been testing this helmet for the past couple months down here  [...]
Giro Encore Helmet Review
The Giro Encore Helmet is a great backcountry and hiking helmet and is very comfortable especially while wearing a beanie. After adjusting the chain strap to the proper size, the helmet fits perfectly. Due to the venting of the helmet a beanie is recommend for winter conditions as the vents do not close. Light weight,  [...]
Smith Vantage Helmet Review
The Smith Vantage Helmet is light, sleek and aerodynamic. The helmet made a great first impression fitting seamlessly with Smith I/O goggles. This years BOA system makes slight adjustments like tightening or loosening the helmet a piece of cake. The chinstrap and ear covers are really comfortable. And best of all the Vantage has a  [...]
Giro G10 Helmet Review
The Giro G10 Helmet is one of the best helmets that I’ve used and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone, especially those riding at the park or through trees. I guess my mom urging me to wear a helmet when I was younger paid off, because now I wear a Giro helmet every  [...]