Outdoor Master Diamond Snow Helmet Review

Women Putting on a Helmet Snowboarding in the BackcountryIsabelle Wellman Testing the Outdoor Master Diamond Helmet | Photo Mountain Weekly News

One of my favorite activities is backcountry splitboarding and skiing. This usually involves putting myself into a high alpine environment that, although can be judged by professionals and conveyed to me prior to exploring, presents risk.  After using my discernment about the safety of the environment, a crucial part of what’s in my pack is my Outdoor Master Diamond Helmet, featuring MIPS safety technology.

Adventures are the most important part of my week, and continuing to enjoy the types of adventures I like to go on requires gear that keeps me safe.

Lightweight Construction featuring MIPS

Splitboarder with Snowboard Helmet on Backpack

A Lightweight Snowboard Helmet with MIPS | Photo Mountain Weekly News

A few of my favorite features of this sleek helmet are the airflow evacuation channels, audio compatible earpads, and overall lightweight construction featuring MIPS. When I’m headed out the door knowing I have a long day ahead of me, reducing the amount I carry in my pack and scoring a ten in comfort is crucial.

Bringing along the Outdoor Master Diamond Helmet reassures me that my safety won’t be compromised with the less than 1lb helmet. Since they designed this helmet to have the Polycarbonate (PC) Shell and EPS foam molded together, it allows for a lightweight and fitted design in addition to the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System, or MIPS. The MIPS feels like a no-brainer (no pun intended), considering a slam on skis or a board can happen from any direction. This technology reduces the amount the head rotates under impact, letting the helmet take the beating!

Audio Compatible Earpads

Is there anything that goes better together than endurance sports and music? I would beg to differ, and so would this helmet. The removable fleece lined ear pads effortlessly pop in and out, and the Velcro lining makes it simple to slip in Bluetooth speakers. No worries for those of you who like to have a clean look while riding; if you still use wire-connected earbuds, you can tuck it away in one of the helmet channels. Consciously creating the kind of atmosphere you want to ride in by playing your favorite tunes has never been better.

Airflow Evacuation Channels

Skier Caring a Helmet on Her Backpack

Outdoor Master Helmet Front Vent | Photo Mountain Weekly News

Let me be transparent here- the only thing I plan on evacuating during my outdoor adventures is the fog from my goggles. I can become rather sweaty on the days that I need to have my helmet on while boot-packing up the last steep ascent of a tour, and unlike other helmets I’ve had, the Diamond Outdoor Master Ski Helmet is equipped with eleven channels and vents. Four of these channels are adjustable, and the vents placed above the goggles area is a treat. I personally become irritated when I’m unable to see due to my goggles fogging up, and the seamless design of the vent and channel system makes seeing on the uphill a breeze. If you find that the inner fleece lining is still starting to hold onto your favorite outdoor moments through your bodily odor, it’s easy to remove and throw in the washer.

Overall Impression

Having been riding in the Tahoe area this year, I tested out the Outdoor Master Diamond Helmet ($149.99) on a warm day. My goggles hadn’t fogged up compared to when I wore my Bern Helmet the previous week, and the helmet still fitting after I took out the fleece lining was a huge win. If you’re in the market for a stylish, ventilated, and music compatible helmet, look no further than the Outdoor Masters Diamond Helmet.

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