POC Opsin Clarity Goggles Review

POC Ski GogglesJonah Sloven Testing the POC Orbspin Goggle at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort | Photo Mountain Weekly News

Clarity is right! With over 11’ of snow falling in the Tetons so far in January there has been a lot of storm riding. I’ve been stoked the have a pair of POC Opsin Clarity Goggles to keep me seeing straight and safe on the hill.

POC Opsin Clarity Zeiss Lens

Poc Orbspin Clarity Goggles

Jonah Sloven Snowboarding in the POC Orbspin Clarity Goggle | Photo Mountain Weekly News

From the moment I put on the POC Opsin Clarity Goggles, I felt like I was looking at the mountain for the very first time again. The contrast was amazing. The Zeiss designed lens is double cylindrically designed for an increased field of view. Included with my set was the Spektris Orange lens which is rated as a Cat. 2 lenses for partly cloudy days. This was a perfect lens for the snowy days we’ve been lucky to start the year with. Even better, they are quickly interchangeable.

POC Goggle Compatibility

POC is a Swedish company known best in the racing world. But, they have put in the time to make some of the best freeride goggles out there.

Again, POC nailed the Clarity with the fit. I tried these goggles with multiple snowboard helmets (Smith Vantage, and Sweet Protection Switcher) and they both fit like a dream. Seamless fit and no chance at the gaper-gap. POC incorporated a triple layer foam to keep things dry and comfy all day. I’ve got a small to medium face and these were great. They even kept me warm when it was a -20 degree windchill at the top of the tram.

Overall Impression

Jackson Hole Snowboarder

Jonah Sloven Snowboarding Jackson Mountain Resort with POC Goggles | Photo Mountain Weekly News

Overall, I am super impressed by the POC Opsin Clarity Goggle ($129.95). The definition and wide range of vision even in the middle of storm riding was noticeably better than other goggles I’ve worn. I am stoked to have them and will definitely be ordering some other lenses. POC isn’t just for racers anymore!

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