Top 8 Outdoor Shirts for Men in 2021

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Whether you’re looking for a wardrobe update, a few items to add to your Christmas list, or you’re ready to embark upon a new adventure and want a new shirt to accompany you so we’ve put together a list of the best outdoor t-shirts. These shirts provide you with the ultimate in versatility, durability, and sun protection whether you’re hiking backcountry roads, running along your favorite trail, or jumping into a pickup game of basketball. From casual shirts to technical shirts and everything in-between.

Best Outdoor T-Shirts


686 Men’s Let’s Go Tech T-Shirt

If you’re ready to embrace the next level of adventure, don this shirt and do good for the planet as you explore it. This dynamic shirt is made from 96% recycled performance polyester and nearly 10 plastic bottles are recycled for every shirt produced. And that’s not even the best part.

The Let’s Go Tech T-shirt is crafted to provide lightweight comfort with quick-drying and moisture-wicking technology. Laser-cut pit vents provide even more air circulation. With the ultimate in breathability, you can go from the gym to the trail and back again and stay comfortable the whole time. Planning to be out in the sun? No problem thanks to the phenomenal UPF 50+ sun protection built into the fabric.

The hidden side-stash pocket lets you take important items on the trail or on a run without notice. No longer wonder where to put your house keys, ID card, money, or phone thanks to this built-in pocket.

With this far-from-average t-shirt, you can look stylish around town and hit the trail at a moment’s notice without breaking a sweat.

Price: $44.95

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Men's Arc'teryx CORMAC T-Shirt

Arc’teryx Cormac Crew

Calling all trail runners, mountain climbers, explorers, hikers, bikers, and rugged outdoor enthusiasts. If you’re looking for the next big thing for trail running and high output adventures, then the Arc’teryx Cormac Crew t-shirt is where it’s at.

It was designed with trail running in mind, then refined further to include elements that would benefit a wider range of high output activities. The shirt is crafted from synthetic engineered materials to provide you with the best in breathability, allowing moisture to escape, regulating your body’s temperature, and providing the best comfort level possible. The fit and design are tailored to create freedom of movement and airflow whether you’re on the trail or off. And with a UPF rating of 50+, you can wear this in any weather while keeping yourself protected from the sun’s harsh rays.

Price: $69.00

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Intelligent Threads Men's T-Shirt

Intelligent Threads

Intelligent Threads has created clothing unlike any other we’ve ever come across. Their proprietary technology results in a shirt that not only feels amazing but helps your muscles to relax while you work out, play hard, or cool down for better performance and recovery.

For the serious athlete, recovery is as critical as performance during an intense training session or a game. With Intelligent Threads, the technology inside each t-shirt will help muscles perform well and recover well. With relaxed muscles, your chances for injury are slashed, your posture and alignment improve, and your game gets better.

Not only do these high-tech shirts benefit your muscles, performance, and recovery, but they’re also lightweight, breathable, roomy, and moisture-wicking to create the ultimate shirt for intense activity wear.

Price: $300

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Men's Jackwolfskin Crosstrail T-Shirt

Jack Wolfskin Crosstrail

Jump into a classic game of pickup on the court after work with this shirt in your gym bag or hit the hiking trail with buddies on the weekend. No matter where you choose to put this shirt to the test, it won’t disappoint.

The soft jersey fabric breathes and feels cool to the touch while resisting odor buildup so you can feel fresh no matter how long you’re on the trail. Perspiration wicking provides comfort and the ability to stay dry whether you’re hiking up a ridge or biking down a narrow slope. This t-shirt is designed to work as hard as you do with breathable sweat-wicking material and antibacterial technology.

Price: $27.99

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Orvis Dryrelease Long Sleeve Fishing Shirt

Orvis Drirelease

Ready to grab your fishing gear and take off for a long weekend away? If your answer to that question is yes, then you need to take an Orvis Drirelease long sleeve crew neck shirt with you. This powerhouse shirt is crafted from the bestselling drirelease fabric Orvis is known for, creating a shirt that promotes optimal airflow, moisture-wicking, and comfort. The blend of this cotton and polyester is super soft and provides moisture management that doesn’t wash out and is good for the life of your shirt.

Thanks to their OutSmart Fresh technology, you’ll feel and smell good during those long days on the lake, stream, or backcountry. You’ll enjoy a full range of motion thanks to the active fit cut that makes this shirt so popular. And, with a wide range of color options and contrast stitching, you’ll not only feel great, but you’ll look great, too. Typically we think of Orvis as having button down shirts, this short sleeve is a game changer.

Price: $59.00

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686 bike jersey

686 X Evil Blackout Bike Jersey

Get ready to hit the back-country biking trails in comfort with the 686 X Evil Blackout Bike Jersey. 686 just took their favorite performance T and completely redid it to create an even better technical jersey. Make of 96% recycled performance polyester, the shirt contains an anti-microbial finish that keeps you cleaner and fresher for longer.

Now for what makes this shirt such a perfect fit for the biking trails. A slightly wider back provides an optimal range of motion when you’re working your way down or up the trails. The slimmer sleeves and body combine to further enhance your on-bike comfort level. Finally, a drop-tail hem adds the finishing touches to this SS performance jersey. With a UPF rating of 50, this jersey earns its spot in the must-have lineup for trail gear.

Price: $49.95

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Simms Fishing Long Sleeve Shirt Blue Mens

Simms Stone Cold Shirt

Get ready to spend days on the lake or the river in style and comfort with Simms Stone Cold Long Sleeve Shirt. Made of stretch woven nylon, this comfortable fishing shirt provides the full range of motion you need and expect whether hiking to reach a little-known fishing spot or casting a fly over a lazy river. This shirt performs excellently in all types of hot weather from hot and dry climates to hot and humid conditions.

Simms’ Brr Triple Chill Effect technology is what makes this shirt so remarkably effective. The technology works to wick moisture away, provide rapid drying, and keep you cool in even the hottest conditions. Two zip compartments provide extra room for small gear, a cell phone, or documents like a fishing license and your ID. A built-in sunglass chamois adds a touch of convenience should you need to wipe your glasses clean.

The 50 UPF rating protects you from long days of exposure to the sun’s rays from dawn till dusk and the finish is guaranteed to last for the life of the shirt. Finally, after your long trip, you can machine wash and dry this shirt, making it even more convenient to use and enjoy.

Price: $89.95

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Article by: Ryan Ariano

The clothes make the man; anybody who rags on style simply doesn’t have it. But style only works if the clothes actually work. While we love technical gear, even in the dead of winter there are some times when you can’t wear your puffy. And if you’re gonna buy something, you can’t sacrifice functionality because there are shoulder seasons. And of course, again, you need style.

Best Outdoor Adventure Shirts

Anglers Shirt - Mens

Ball and Buck Angler Shirt

Ball and Buck is grounded in centuries of playing outside. While we love snowboarding and surfing and camping, people have been coming up with excuses to get in the outdoors since long before the Rocky Mountain West – sportsmen. Ball and Buck was founded in 2008 to honor that heritage with clothes that meet the challenge of the pursuit while looking good and their Anglers shirt is that ideal piece for the steezy fisherman. A blend of old-world class with a super lightweight style as well as a versa fly patch to hold your flies. The perfect shirt for slaying hogs in the river all day and then heading out to the pub after.

Price: $168.00

Orvis Mens Fishing Shirt

Orvis River Guide Shirt

Gingham was basically invented to be baller activewear. And Orvis had this thought in mind when they made their Men’s River Guide Shirt. The gingham in their River Guide shirt ensures something lightweight and time-tested in terms of functionality. But their attention to color and style gives a shirt whose look is just as ageless, and little details like hidden buttons on the collar and a sunglass wipe show Orvis is always thinking of the little things that are so important.

Price: $89.00



Mountain Khakis Passport EC Long Sleeve Shirt

Mountain Khakis’ Passport EC Long Sleeve was created for the time in between – the travels between adventures. Silk weight, easy fabric and a hidden zippered security breast pocket (last time I was in London my dad was pickpocketed; it’s a real thing). Quick-dry (because planes and trains can be damn hot, if you remember such things) and it’s UPF 30+ to keep the sun from crushing you as you have a drink or two on the New Guinean beaches before heading up Carstenz Pyramid.

Price: $89.95

Club Ride Vibe Mountain Bike Clothing

Club Ride Vibe Shirt

We’ve got shirts for anglers, shirts for travelers, and now shirts for mountain bikers. Club Ride’s Men’s Vibe shirt has a glowing style sure to turn heads. But with its poly spandex blend, this shirt made for partying is just as good for riding. So you can get some hot laps on Teton Pass and then cool down with some apres drinks and frivolity – responsibly – at the Stagecoach after.

Price: $79.95

Blanket T-Shirt

Outerknown Blanket Shirt

Sometimes you just need a thick, warm shirt and Outerknown’s Blanket Shirt is just that. Not super active wear but the fact that Outerknown is created by Kelly Slater is enough to reinforce the fact that these are shirts for adventurers. And the Blanket shirt is thick, warm, and classically comfortable, made with organic cotton and corozo nut buttons. And while this is a winter shirt list, winter is a great time to duck out for a quick surf trip. Maybe cruise down to Baja, down where it’s empty and you can camp on the beach. Wearing just this shirt under a Mexico moon.

Price: $148.00


Burton Brighton Performance Flannel

Burton Brighton Performance Shirt

We are a snowboarding site and Burton’s Brighton Performance is every bit the snowboard shirt, blending the steeze of the sport that invented steeze with the performance of a functional layering piece. A flannel shirt with extra stretch for all your grabs and spins, and a DWR finish to help it shed water. It’s also full of pockets to hold all your toys, accessories, safety meeting tools and more. Just as functional for wearing while shredding as wearing in the club at the basecamp.

Price: $99.95


Poncho Outdoors Fishing Shirt Long Sleeve

Poncho Outdoors Purist Shirt

Poncho brings modern style to the sport of kings with their Purist shirt. Blue the color of soft sky. Clean lines. The perfect color to camouflage you throwing bugs into the blue. A magnetic breast pocket for your travel fly box. Moisture-wicking, super breathable. This is a shirt you can get wet in the river – or at the party – and still get it done.

Price: $74.95

Magnetic Long Sleeve Mens Shirt

MagnaReady Denim Button Down Long Sleeve Shirt

Sometimes, you gotta move quick – MagnaReady came up with the solution with their magnetized buttons. Their Denim button down marries this great technology with that most Western of styles, the jean shirt. It’s light enough to wear out on adventures whether a deep backcountry camp or a horse ride on the trail. But with the magnet closure, it comes on and off quickly and easily. For the after after party. Just don’t wear it if you’ve got a pacemaker because, you know, magnets.

Price: $64.95

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