• Ryan Burke

    Had the misfortune to read “Little Donalds” reaction to this amazing accomplishment today. (the irony of this username makes me laugh on so many levels). I had the pleasure to hike with this crew on the day of the double ascent for a few minutes and they were nothing by cordial and good human beings. Some people decide to share their successes, others don’t, no big deal either way. I just hope those three are out enjoying the mountains while I sit here and debate about it behind my keyboard.

  • Little Donald

    The Grand has been done twice in 24 hours by several people, and many times. Including, twice in 12 hours. Some people seek out publicity, others do not.

    • Mike Hardaker


      Thanks for the comment, got any links to the coverage? Or is it like that fish that got away story? Either way going up and down that much elevation in one day is impressive.


      • Little Donald

        No fish that got away, Mike. Some people don’t feel the need to brag to the media about everything they do outdoors (like many sponsored athletes do). An 8-hour round-trip isn’t even considered fast these days as I’m sure you know. That’s not to say that it isn’t a nice accomplishment, but it’s not the first nor is it the fastest double tap in 24 hours.

        Just like all the other claims to firsts in the Tetons (many published in the JH News & Guide) that were later proved to be incorrect (youngest skier, youngest climber, etc), this one follows a similar pattern because there is no official record of everyone’s activity in the Tetons and not everyone cares to publicize their feats.

        Alex Lowe kept many of his activities under the radar and that pattern continues to this day.


        • Mike Hardaker

          Love the Alex Lowe part! Thanks for the comment, one thing though I was the one that reached out to the athletes to meet early on a Sunday morning.

  • Good interview, Mike. GT224. What is possible? GT 4 or 5 ? Pretty cool to think about. It may be good to go early in the season when there is snow to ski and slide down much of the way. Much easier on the knees that way too!

    • Mike Hardaker

      looks like someone will be coming back to the Tetons next spring..

    • Little Donald

      Local runner Stephen Mulheim could probably double tap the Grand in under 9 hours if he cared to. He currently clocks the third fastest FKT on the Grand ( unknown to most – including: http://fastestknowntime.proboards.com/thread/358/grand-teton-wy ). I could see 4 laps out of him, maybe 5 in 24 hours but I can’t imagine why he would even try.

      Some people feel a need to be the first at something, others the best, but most are just happy to be their best. Sort of like when you failed to nail the 7 summits — the effort, the goal, and the result may have been unexpected but the experience is still in the bank and drawing interest. You gotta be happy with that.