Best Hiking Socks for Your Next Adventure
Best Outdoor Socks for Your Next Adventure Hiking socks are a MUST if you are planning a demanding day on your feet in the backcountry. You need the best barrier against blisters, sweat, or frigid temperatures. And quality matters when it comes to protection. After all, the outdoors can throw just about everything under your  [...]
Dakine Pulse II Insulator Review
Let’s be real for a moment: The weather the past few months has been insanely unpredictable. When the East coast was getting dumped on with snow, the West was dry. Wind, rain, snow, and sun teamed up and delivered a weather report that was unreliable. Uler was feeble, and we all suffered in his wake.  [...]
Weston Big Chief Splitboard Review
The Weston Snowboards Big Chief cuts like the sharpest hatchet but approaches like a loping fox. A masterful tool, Weston’s board dedicated to the rowdiest riding delivers in all alpine conditions that the brave dares to explore. Weston Big Chief Review Weston’s been around for years but, outside Colorado, not many had been talking about  [...]
Store Your Board Snowboard Rack System
I love my gear. What’s the best way to show your gear you love it? Take care of it. Keep it safe; give it a nice place to sleep. And to keep your sanity when the storage piles up, keep it simple. That’s where a nice rack comes into play.’s got you covered. Their  [...]
Grass Sticks Custom Bamboo Ski Poles
This review is long overdue consider it’s for a pair of ski poles, that being said I have actually used Grass Sticks custom bamboo ski poles for just about everything other than skiing this year. Lets start with the poles and what makes them unique, aka Bamboo. Typically ski poles in the past have been  [...]