Top 10 Smokers, Grills and Barbeques of 2021

BBQ Smokers and Grills

Labor Day, Memorial Day, Saturday, or any day you want to enjoy cooking outdoors with family and friends, make sure you bring the heat with one of our favorite grills, smokers, or fire pits. We have an awesome mix of styles and models here that are all best in class. Take a look to find the one that fits your flavor, and who knows, you may even find one that opens you up to a whole new world of BBQ.

Breeo Corten X Series 24 Smokeless Fire Pit with Standard Rim X Series 24 Smokeless Fire Pit X Series 24 Smokeless Fire Pit X Series 24 Smokeless Fire Pit X Series 24 Smokeless Fire Pit X Series 24 Smokeless Fire Pit free-shipping-icon FREE SHIPPING made-in-icon MADE IN PENNSYLVANIA warranty-icon LIFETIME WARRANTY MORE INFORMATION X SERIES 24 SMOKELESS FIRE PIT

Breeo X Series Smokeless Fire Pit

From small gatherings to big parties, what does every backyard shindig require? A fire pit! “Yeah, fire pits are great in theory, but everyone always ends up smelling like smoke,” you say. Not anymore. This fire pit is smokeless! No more blaming your beauty because the smoke is following you around.

We love all the customization options the Breeo fire pits offer. Small, medium, or large? Will you go for the rustic corten steel or the sleek stainless look? Do you want the standard rim or the SearPlate rim? Hint: go for the SearPlate so you can whip up some burgers or steaks directly on your fire pit. If you’re not already sold, (how could you not be???), here’s a feather in the cap…these fire pits are made right here in the USA.

Recommended for: the social searer who doesn’t mind being the center of attention

Price: $579.99

Breeo Outpost 24 Grill

If you love cooking over an open flame anywhere and everywhere, the Breeo Outpost is a must have. This grilling companion is perfect for any place you like to get your grill on, whether that’s the beach, your campsite, or even your backyard where you pair it up with a Breeo fire pit. This easily portable stainless steel grill anchors to the ground and you can adjust the height to fit your fire.

Recommended for: the on-the-go griller who enters chef mode on every adventure

Price: $200




Camp Chef Woodwind BBQ Smoker

Camp Chef Woodwind Wifi 24

If you’re looking for one backyard piece of cooking equipment that can do it all, look no further than the Woodwind Wifi 24 from Camp Chef. Aiming to play the long game and smoke some sumptuous meats? Then embrace the ability to cut the cord. No longer must you be tied to your patio in an effort to control the temp. This feature-packed smart grill offers the ability to adjust temperature and smoke all from the app, so kick back and enjoy life while you wait for it to get that much better when your food is ready.

Looking for more than just a smoker? You’re in luck, because Camp Chef did you the biggest solid by making this an all-in-one grill station that can easily be used as a traditional setup if you just want to do up some burgers or veggies the old school way when some friends pop over. Then, to top it all off, the Woodwind takes one of the worst parts of backyard cooking (the cleanup) and makes it a breeze thanks to the Ash Kickin’ Cleanout system.

Recommended for: those that put a premium on BBQ in all shapes and forms, the best smoker grill we tested

Price: $1,1159




Camp Chef Sidekick Pellet Grill Accessory

Camp Chef Sidekick Sear

It’d be impossible to dig the previously mentioned Woodwind without having plenty of love for its most ideal companion. If the Woodwind is Batman, then the Camp Chef Sidekick Sear is undoubtedly the most epic version of Robin. Always ready for action, this sweet slice of backyard cooking gear can bake, boil, braise, grill, saute, or sear whatever you’re concocting.

Gunky grease becomes an afterthought thanks to the brilliantly designed heat defusing plates. These things transform your run-of-the-mill flames into relentless infrared heat that waves its magic wand to vaporize grease. No more mega-mess. Just tasty good times no matter your flavor.

Recommended for: those seeking a select sear that incorporates an additional element of smokiness with an innate ability to make any mouth water

Price: $349




Kamado Joe KJ23RHC Classic II Ceramic Charcoal Grill, 18 inch, Blaze Red

Kamado Joe Classic II

Hosting a gathering and want to throw on your grill-master apron? The Kamado Joe has an 18-inch grilling surface ready for whatever your guests crave. Looking to smoke some meats for hours upon hours to show up Jerry at the neighborhood potluck? Call on your Kamado Joe.

This dual threat ceramic charcoal grill is ready for anything with its adjustable cooking surface and double tiered cooking system that allows you to divide and conquer. There is so much to love about this mighty backyard badass, but what we are obsessed with is the Air Lift Hinge. It reduces dome weight by over 90%, so all you’ve got to do is give a gentle tug and the lid basically opens or closes itself.

Recommended for: those looking for a more cost-effective alternative to that large greenish oval smoker

Price: $1,299



KUDU Grill Open Fire Outdoor BBQ Grilling System

The KUDU Grill

When it comes to outdoor cooking, few look like the Kudu. Its simple design allows you to comfortably cook over an open flame generated by your favorite wood, briquettes, or charcoal in the wide open pan. Both the grill grate and the cast iron cooking pan can be quickly height-adjusted to ensure an ideal temp.

Setup and takedown only requires a few minutes of time, which may seem surprising given the Kudu’s heavy-duty nature. While this is no flimsy setup, it has been thoughtfully engineered to require very little effort to assemble. That makes it easy to transport this phenomenal open fire cook system anywhere you need to get your grill on.

Recommended for: the griller that wants to take their backyard bbq to the pregame tailgate

Price: $499.00



 Traeger Grills Pro Series 575 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker, Bronze

Traeger Pro 575

Traegers, so hot right now. Or hot later. Or hot whenever you want thanks to total control via the Traeger app. WiFIRE technology enables you to monitor and adjust the heat from anywhere. And the D2 Controller offers a level of temperature precision you just can’t find elsewhere.

This is one of best Traeger Grills, a pellet grill has ascended the ranks to establish the gold standard for meat heads. If you demand excellence from every slab of brisket, each rack of ribs, and all the birds who enter your smoker, it’s tough to top the simplistic convenience and consistent quality of the Traeger Pro.

Recommended for: the smoking perfectionist – you know who you are

Price: $899.99



Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Liquid Propane Grill,

Weber Spirit II

As one of the best all-around cookers, the Weber Spirit II is a familiar, yet reliable gas grill that never fails to get the job done well…or medium well..or however you like your food cooked. A three burner system is ideal for multitasking. Sear some steaks on one side, cook up a few brats in the middle, and grill those veggies over the third burner. And don’t forget to toast the buns on the top rack!

The open cart under the grill, a folding side table, and integrated hooks all allow you to stay organized and make the best use of your space. You can count on the Weber Spirit Grill to come through with a consistent, even heat each and every time you fire it up. And you’ll always know if you’ve got enough gas thanks to the fuel gauge. No more interrupting the BBQ to go get more propane!

Recommended for: anyone cooking for a crowd with diverse tastes

Price: $579.99



 Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill, 22-Inch

Weber Original Kettle Charcoal Grill

We could not build a list of best grills without including the model that everyone knows and loves. Whether you grew up with one and fancy a throwback or just want to keep things simple, the timeless design of the Weber Original Charcoal Grill still has plenty left in the kettle.

As a grill for the people, this OG still features the dampers that let you control the temp and a durable lid/bowl that is porcelain-enameled to retain heat and resist rust. The One-Touch clean up system allows you to easily dispose of charcoal ash, and the steel cooking grate is a quick wash. Yup, Weber still makes their charcoal grill just as excellent as you remember and it’s always prepared to crank out that traditional flavor you crave.

Recommended for: a classic cookout – just apply burgers and veggies and enjoy one of the best charcoal grills of all time

Price: $195.00



 Beefer The 1,500 Degree Grill

The Original Beefer

This machine does not mess around with mellow temperatures. Ready to dial it all the way up to 1,500 degrees, the Beefer is an indoor/outdoor hybrid grill that makes quick work of your food. Equally comfortable in the kitchen or on the patio, the scorching temps on par with the fires of Mordor are made a reality due to the ceramic gas burner.

So you know it gets hot (to your exact temp specifications), but what does that mean for your meats? Other than being ready to devour faster than ever, your food is enhanced by The Original Beefer in multiple ways. First, the top heat encourages meat juice to slip and drip into the gastro tray where it awaits your direction for incorporation into mouth watering sauces that will only enhance your dish. The hot, hot heat also envelopes your grilled meats with a crispy caramelized coating that combines forces with the perfectly cooked insides to create probably the best thing you’ve ever tasted.

Recommended for: beef, duh, its the best portable grill on this list

Price: $699.99

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