Capita Neo Slasher Review

Capita Neo Slasher Splitboard ReviewCapita Neo Slasher Splitboard Test | Photo Mike Hardaker Mountain Weekly News

2019 will see Capita Snowboards return to the splitboard world for the second year in a row. Find out what works with the Capita Neo Slasher Splitboard and what can be improved in my review below.

Positive Camber Under Foot

Over the past few months, I have had the opportunity to tour on Capita’s Neo Slasher Splitboard here in the Tetons during a big La Nina snowfall winter. Where this splitboard excels is hands down on the descent.

Having never ridden a Capita until this board I was really stoked on how much fun the Neo Slasher was especially when it came to popping off small terrain features in the backcountry.

Perhaps that poppy feeling was due in part to Capita’s use of traditional positive camber underfoot and flat camber in the rear. If you spent time snowboarding in the 90’s or early 2000’s, Capita’s Neo Slasher’s will offer a very familiar, responsive feel.

For everyone else especially those of you questioning how this board rides in the powder, see below.

As the video shows the Capita Neo Slasher Splitboard crushes powder, thanks in part to the addition of reverse camber where you need it most, at the tip and tail. Toss in layers of fiberglass in the top sheet and you have a splitboard that utilizes all the latest technology in snowboard manufacturing, hand built at Capita’s Mothership factory in Austria.


Capita Splitboard NEO

Capita Neo Shlaser Splitboard in Tour Mode | Photo Mike Hardaker Mountain Weekly News

Capita added Carbon Fiber beams to the nose of the Neo Slasher.  With this design, the board feels clunky on the skin track, especially while doing kick turns.  If you’re going out on short tours the added weight in the nose is manageable.  Anything over a few hours and you will surely want a different board underfoot.

Union Splitboard Tail Clip

Union Splitboard Tip and Tail Connectors | Photo Mike Hardaker Mountain Weekly News

When it comes to putting the board back together Capita is using hardware from Union. The nose and tail clips will take a little getting used to and maybe tough to operate with a pair of snowboard gloves on.

The only downside I see here is a noticeable gap between the board.

Capita Neoslasher Split

Gap Between Splitboard | Photo Mike Hardaker Mountain Weekly News

Which never instills confidence.

The above becomes especially tricky if mounting Union’s Expedition Splitboard Bindings to this board.  As if that gap shrinks or expands the Union interface will have a tough time going back together, it at all.

Overall Impression

Capita Neo Slasher Split

Capita Neo Slasher Splitboard Photo Mike Hardaker Mountain Weekly News

If your focus is solely on the ride down, Capita’s Neo Slasher Splitboard ($749.95) is a solid choice. After a few months demoing the Neo Slasher Split the durability is apparent especially with it’s sintered base, heck the board looks practically brand new.  And more importantly still has as much snap as it did the day it arrived thanks in part to the tried and true camber profile.

You may even find yourself taking this board to the resort, it’s truly a blast to ride.

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Mike Hardaker
Mike Hardaker grew up surfing and snowboarding in Orange County and followed his love of surfing to Hawaii before eventually moving to the mountains to concentrate on snowboarding. He went on to found Mountain Weekly News based in Jackson, Wyoming.

12 Comments on "Capita Neo Slasher Review"

  1. Hi Mike.
    I thought I would update you. I went with a coda 161. I think I will get the spark solid interface and take my snow-mullet for resort powder laps.
    Thanks again for you help/advice.

  2. Hi Mike.
    I really appreciate the advice. I’m looking forward to your next reviews. Have a great winter.

  3. Sorry I’m 5’10.

  4. Hi Mike.
    Thanks for getting back to me. My burton hitch-hikers just arrived, stoked. I now just need to choose a board. Im in NZ and ride a 158 custom flying v at home. In japan for the past 5 years I have ridden a 161 burton barracuda before that a burton fish 160 and lib tech snowmullet 160. I wish burton had more split options, the landlord would be sick. I think the capita would be a good split option for japan. But the coda is still an option. I was thinking about the hovercraft as well but I don’t really like the lack of a tail so much. Looks like you enjoyed the capita, was it a close call between those two boards for you or was the coda a significantly more enjoyable ride on the down? The coda looked looser and more fun in your clip. That riding was insane.
    I suspect half the time I will be using the board in the resort and accessing side-country from there rather than going on long tours uphill although there will be a bit of that. My options are coda 161, neo slasher 161, hovercraft 156 and solution 161 and the lib tech split brd 159 and salomon sick stick 157. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I think I am leaning toward the capita as downhill powder performance is rightly or wrongly at the top of my list (noob).

    • Chris,

      Cheers, thanks for the message. This part of your comment “I suspect half the time I will be using the board in the resort and accessing side-country from there rather than going on long tours uphill although there will be a bit of that. ” stood out to me, that being said the Coda would be a better fit for shorter tours, more inbounds and a looser board feel.

      Next in line would be the Capita Slasher then, Split BRD, Solution, Hovercraft. I have not had a chance to ride a Salomon split or solid yet so can’t really help there.

  5. Hey what size did you demo? Im tossing up between a 161 slasher and a 161 coda for japan. Im 78kg and wonder which would be better for a mix of resort side country and short tours. Thanks,

  6. Hans-Arne Hånes | April 7, 2018 at 1:37 AM | Reply

    Hi I bought the 17/18 neo slasher this winter, and I’m experiencing the same issue with the gap. It seems like the hooks between binding and board tips widens out a bit. I’ve tried tightening these, but after after a day of hiking and riding the gap is back. Did Capita give any good tips to fix this?

    • Mike Hardaker | April 7, 2018 at 10:03 AM | Reply

      Hey Hans-Arne,

      Thanks for your feedback on the splitboard. One thought would be to see about swapping out the tip and tail connectors and the connectors between the board with Spark or Karakoram replacement parts. That being said, changing factory parts shouldn’t be needed and out of 50+ splitboards I have tried over the last few years we have never had to make that recommendation?

      I plan to speak with Capita next week I will be sure to update here. Better yet maybe Capita will chime into this thread?


      • Mark Dangler | May 3, 2018 at 1:25 PM | Reply

        Hey Mike, thanks for the review and sorry I’m a little late to the comments here. A couple of thoughts on the gap:

        – The Union Clips are adjustable. You can loosen the screws, adjust the clips, tighten the screws and the board comes together tighter.
        – When mounted properly, the Union Expedition bindings bring the board together nicely at the centerline.
        – From a photo point of view an unmounted deck that is shot backlit can accentuate the split.

        Hans – Arne if you have any questions please feel free to shoot an email to and our crew here will help answer any and all questions you have about your gear. Thanks guys!

    • I replaced all the hardware on mine with Karakoram because (sorry capita i love you folks but…) the union hardware was just no good, from the nose/tail clips to the hooks, it’s just not hardware that stands up to use. The downside here is that it required sourcing extremely uncommon bolt (M5-0.5) hardware. Capita/Union used some weird thread that took a 2-3 week lead time from mcmaster to get.

      • Thanks JKM

        At first, I thought they were using the Plum stuff as the new hardware is unique. Here’s what Union had to say earlier this year. “The tip/tail and board clips are not made by Plum. They’re made 100% by Union, we actually plan to start selling them separately this next season.”

        The other 2-3 brands seem to make great connectors

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