Free The Powder Glove
A good glove for a reasonable price can be hard to come by, luckily Free The Powder gloves have been designed to meet that challenge while offering a high quality product. All gloves from Free the Powder are made with genuine leather palms, and a breathable and waterproof softshell backing. I have found leather gloves  [...]
How to Buy Snowboard Clothing
Hmm…what do you need this year to stay warm, flexible and still look sick on the mountain? There’s tons of options but stuff is on sale now. So get it together! Get yourself to a local shop and pick up what you’ll need for this season. Here’s a quick rundown on Snowboard Outerwear 1. Base  [...]
Best Snowboard Mittens
Gloves and mitts are the last piece of equipment most people think about. They’re small; they don’t have much room for customization. They don’t connect to your board (except in the occasional grab) to improve performance. But anybody who ignores handsocks is asking to lose flesh to jack frost. I took my hands for granted.  [...]
Dakine Titan Leather GORE-TEX® Gloves Review
To my recollection, my first pair of “good” gloves were Dakines’. Maybe ’95 or’96. No more Kmart or bargain-bin mitts for this guy, I gots me some shredding gloves! Big moves as far as my becoming gear savvy. Since then I’ve owned dozens of pairs of Dakine gloves and mitts. They have always been a  [...]
Burton Snowboards Pipe Glove
Burton Pipe Gloves are lightweight, flexible and fit nicely around my hands. The Burton Snowboards Pipe Glove offers lots of mobility and grip in the fingers. The gloves seem durable and the seams are well protected. The gloves allow me to use my camera gear in the snow by keeping my fingers from getting frostbite.  [...]
Eddie Bauer Guide Trigger Mittens
The trigger or ‘claw’ style mitt helps to combine the warmth of a mitt with the dexterity of a glove helping keep your warm hands free from fumbling. The Guide Trigger Mitt is a lightweight but toasty offering from Eddie Bauer incorporating some great features. Warmth of Eddie Bauer Three Finger Mittens With primaloft insulation  [...]