Himiway Escape E-Bike Review

Himiway Escape Pro Black Electric BicycleHimiway Escape Pro Electric Bicycle Test in Jackson Hole, WY Photo Rich Goodwin Mountain Weekly News

The Himiway Escape Pro Electric Bicycle isn’t your standard urban ebike— this Class 3 moped-style ebike provides tons more power and comfort than we’re used to on traditional urban models. The fun moped-inspired design transforms any city into a pavement playground, ideal for getting to work or a weekend joyride. If you’re trying to decide between an ebike or a small moped for city use, the Himiway Escape strikes the perfect balance.

This mighty machine is made by Himiway Bikes, a new brand that got its start in 2017, but that has already made a big splash in the ebike market. Himiway specializes in electric urban bikes and the Escape model is among the burliest ebikes in their range.

Moped Style E-Bike

Mountain Weekly News Editor Mike Hardaker Product Testing E-Bikes

Mike Hardaker Cruising on the Himiway Escape Pro Electric Moped Style E-Bike | Photo Rich Goodwin Mountain Weekly News

As electric bikes continue to skyrocket in popularity, manufacturers are expanding their options and adding innovative designs. The moped-style, one of the most recent trends across the market, is attractive to city cyclists and commuters that prioritize comfort. Himiway’s moped-style seat offers lots of cushion while the seat post height isn’t adjustable from its fixed, relaxed riding position.

Bike Weight

Lifting an Electric Bike Off Ground

Lifting the rear end of the 92lbs Himiway Escape E-Bike | Photo Rich Goodwin Mountain Weekly News

We expect ebikes to be heavy, but the Escape’s additional dual suspension shocks and beefy fat tires contribute to the the Himiway Escape Pro’s 92 lbs weight. There’s a front spring fork to absorb road buzz and potholes as well a hydraulic lockout option for riding fast on smooth surfaces. The seat stays combine with the heavy-duty rear suspension for an ultra-cushy ride, even at high speeds. The full-suspension front and rear setup adds weight, but is one of the Escape’s most attractive features.

Dual Suspension Electric Moped E-Bike

Himiways Burly Dual Suspension Rear Shocks | Photo Rich Goodwin Mountain Weekly News
Motorcycle Looking e-bike

The Shocks Can Handle Up To 330lbs | Photo Rich Goodwin Mountain Weekly News

750 W Rear Hub Motor

At the heart of this powerful moped electric bike is the 750W rear hub motor with 80Nm of torque to accelerate quickly and zoom through the city. There are seven pedal assist modes to toggle through or you can use the throttle to reach a top speed of 20 mph without pedaling. The half twist throttle design complements the moped-style and the mighty motor makes it feel even more like a motorcycle.

And with a little time on the Himiway Facebook forums you can easily mod the bike to go 28 mph.

48V Samsung Battery

Samsung E-Bike Battery

Clean Samsung Integrated Removable Frame Battery Design | Photo Rich Goodwin Mountain Weekly News

All that power is stored by the integrated 48V 17.5Ah Samsung/LG battery that comes with a two year warranty from Himiway. The high capacity battery has more amp hours than almost any other ebike on the market. It fits neatly into the downtube of the 6061 aluminum frame, providing up to 45 miles of range on a single charge. The battery is heavy, but we’ve already accepted that fact on this beefy bike. The battery charges in about six to seven hours.


Shimano Altus Electric Bicycle Components

Shimano Altus Components | Photo Rich Goodwin Mountain Weekly News

The Himiway Escape comes equipped with solid componentry including Shimano Altus 7-speed groupset and Tektro Aries 180mm mechanical disc brakes. These reliable specs will hold up well on your daily rides or commutes, but keep in mind that this heavy bike declines in performance while pedaling unassisted. You’ll almost always be using the motor and the Escape’s serious weight makes it hard to transport off the bike. The cassette runs 14-28t and the 4” Kenda K-Shield fat tires provide plenty of traction— useful for dirt paths but maybe a bit overkill if you only ride on city streets.

The “moped-style” label that Himiway attached to this bike rings true and is perfect for riders that want lots of power and prefer a relaxed sitting position. The ride feel is zippy and accelerates quickly off the line. The bike’s geometry and low center of gravity helps with stability and control, even at high speeds. That low-to-the-ground setup feels fun to ride and is very similar to zooming around on an actual moped.

Recommended Rider Heights

Fat Tire E-Bike in Snow

Mike Hardaker (5’11) on the Himiway Escape Sitting in the Moped Style Riding Position | Photo Rich Goodwin Mountain Weekly News

It’s worth mentioning that riders will have to get used to the moped sitting position— you can’t raise the seat and there’s not much leg extension while pedaling. Like a bike seat on steroids, the wide bench seat has lots of padding, but can rub against your legs during pedaling. Our tests proved that it’s comfortable, but you might miss a way to stretch your legs on longer rides.

Moped Style E-Bike in Jackson Hole, WY

The Moped Step Through Style Makes Getting on and Off the Himiway Escape Pro E-Bike Incredibly Easy | Photo Rich Goodwin Mountain Weekly News
  • Recommended Rider Heights 5’2″ ~ 6’1″


Bike with Wooden Picnic Table Rack

The Eye Catching Himiway Escape Wooden Rear Picnic Table Style Rear Rack | Photo Rich Goodwin Mountain Weekly News

The finishing accessories include a sleek, wooden-feel rear rack, heavy-duty aluminum kickstand, and integrated lights. The bright 48V headlight matches with a rear brake light that activates automatically when you slow down. The large backlit LCD display shows all of your most important ride metrics and battery health. Himiway offers additional accessories like a front basket and delivery rear rack in case you want to carry more cargo on urban adventures.

Overall Impression

Riding an Electric Fat Bike

Mike Hardaker Enjoying the Maneuverability of the Himiway Escape Pro E-Bike | Photo Rich Goodwin Mountain Weekly News

The Himiway Escape Pro achieves the right balance between ebike and moped style electric bike to conquer the urban jungle and comfortably cruise over potholes. This capable two-wheeler is ideal for daily commuting or weekend recreational riding. Riders can purchase this Himiway moped e-bike, the Escape Pro for $1,799 and stand out in the urban environment with an all-rounder ebike with plenty of flair.

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