Rossignol Jibsaw Snowboard Review

2020 Rossignol Jibsaw Snowboard Review

There is no denying the Rossignol Jibsaw Snowboard is great in just about every category, it was the name that threw me off. The Jibsaw isn’t just restricted to the park. Though it’s a veritable freestyle monster, it can also handle the whole mountain with ease. Simply put, the Jibsaw is a versatile snowboard you can take almost anywhere.

Rossignol AmpTek

Brent Fullerton ripping on the Rossignol Jibsaw on Teton Pass Photo Mike Hardaker | Mountain Weekly News

Brent Fullerton Riding Rossignol Jibsaw at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort | Photo Mike Hardaker Mountain Weekly News

It’s hard to beat the overall playfulness of the Rossignol Jibsaw Snowboard. Let’s start with pop. AmpTek Freestyle (40% rocker, 60% camber) allows you to load up and get amazing snap-on flat, natural features, and the lips of jumps. This rocker profile also gives the Jibsaw increased maneuverability, making the transition from park to powder effortless.

The twin freestyle shape and wider than normal tip and tail give you a wide platform for buttering. After a little messing around, you’ll find the board’s buttering sweet spot, where it flexes seamlessly and locks in perfectly. Jibbing is equally intuitive on the Jibsaw. A few minutes of messing around is all it takes to find that sweet spot. Likewise, the big tip and tail give you a wide platform for all the jibbing you can handle.

The Rossignol Jibsaw keeps its cool even at high speeds. The only spot I noticed chatter was at the tips while hauling ass, and this itself was minimal. The Jibsaw charges over a variety of terrain and soaks up chunder like a champ.

Flex Rating

The flex of the Rossignol Jibsaw initially threw me off. It’s quite a bit stiffer than most freestyle boards. However, after that initial adjustment period, I came to appreciate this added stiffness. It takes away from that wet noodle feel that a lot of freestyle boards have without sacrificing pop, stability, jibbing, or playfulness.

The added stiffness also gives the Jibsaw much better support on big landings, encouraging you to launch bigger than ever before. Rossignol rates the Jibsaw at a 7 flex rating on a scale of 1 soft to 10 stiff. Aggressive riders will love the flex on this board. It’s definitely a freestyle board better suited for big jumps than buttering (though buttering is still a piece of cake).

The Rossignol Jibsaw is a very versatile snowboard despite its name. Though it kills it jibbing and buttering in the park, you can take this thing around the mountain like your regular all-mountain board. The widened tip allows it to float through powder and blast through hardpack with ease. Magne-Traction gives the Jibsaw an amazing feel in all conditions and on all types of terrain.

Overall Impression

I was pleasantly surprised with the Rossignol Jibsaw Snowboard ($449.95). I expected a board that would only want to shred the park. Yet the Jibsaw begged to be taken beyond the park boundaries and into the other areas of the mountain and the backcountry.

If you’re a rider that generally sticks to the park but likes to play around outside of it on occasion or jib in the pow, the Rossignol Jibsaw might just be the board for you. It’s a very fun and playful board that can do it all.

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