Vans Hi-Standard vs Vans V66 Boot
Back in the fall of 1993 / winter 1994 Vans slid into snow sports with a bang by bringing 25 years of experience in the footwear world to snowboarding. From day 1 Vans, has always been an industry leader when it came to making progressive snowboard boots that have been a favorite among pro riders [...]
Ride Insano Snowboard Boot Review
There is something crazy that happens when you put on the Ride Insano Focus Snowboard Boots Even though you put them on your feet, they get inside your head. These bad boys are so responsive that all you have to do is think it, and they are already making it happen. This is no joke. [...]
Salomon Malamute Snowboard Boot Review
The Salomon Group has been around a long time. From saw blades to snowboards, the French company has figured out how to be a leading manufacturer of outdoor sports equipment for 70 years. Not until more recently did the organization catch onto producing snowboard gear. Still, within the comparably short time it has been, Salomon [...]
Burton Rampant Snowboard Boot Review
The Burton Rampant Snowboard Boots, one of the lowest profile boots on the market, are super comfy right out of the box. I never thought I was a soft boot kind of guy, but the Burton Rampant have changed my mind. The boots use a regular lacing system with loops for the laces located on the inside of [...]
Burton Moto Snowboard Boot Review
The time came for me to grab a new pair of snowboard boots. My browsing led me to the Burton Moto Snowboard Boot, which claims to be the most popular snowboard boot in the world. Popular or not, you’re instantly attracted to the Speed Zone lacing and want to see what else it had to [...]