2017 Never Summer Aura Review
Winter 2015-2016 started out super strong, with multiple double digit powder days a week from mid-December through January. However, this past February was pretty disappointing for Colorado snow sports given the light (and in most places, non-existing) snowfall during what was supposed to be stellar month brought to us by a El Nino himself. During [...]
2017 Never Summer Twenty Five Splitboard Review
To celebrate their 25th Anniversary the boys at Never Summer made a split to end all splits, pouring all their experience into a double-plank that floats pow yet turns on a dime on hardpack, is only slightly heavier than a standard single board despite the extra metal necessary for a split, and is as sturdy [...]
2016 Lib Tech Hot Knife Review
I got the opportunity to put the Lib Tech Hot Knife through its paces on a demo day during this winters rad El Nino winter, and by the end of the day, they had to pry me off the board. Find out more in my Lib Tech Hot Knife snowboard review below : 2016 Lib [...]
Korua Shapes APOLLO 56 Snowboard Review
As a surfer I have finally (after 15+) years found a board that can truly surf down the mountain. It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Korua Shapes and specifically the Korua Apollo 156 Snowboard. Find out how the Korua Apollo held up in the Tetons of Wyoming : Before we dive [...]
2016 Arbor Westmark Review
Strapping into Arbor’s Westmark Rocker on a 15” day here at Jackson was like getting introduced to snowboarding all over again. With the float and playfullness of a fully rockered board and top notch stability it’s no surprise the Westmark is a repeat winner of Transworld’s good wood award. After testing this ride it’s safe [...]
Furberg Freeride Splitboard Review
Furberg, I know you must be thinking what in the hell is a Furberg? I’ve actually been saying the same thing over the past couple years as I heard chatter online about a new splitboard company based out of Norway of all places with a really funny name. It’s sort of like Fergie meets Justin [...]