• When you write an article like this that fails to acknowledge that there are man many more out there and don’t even attempt to include them in a check these guys out too, you look like you are actually publishing a paid advertisement for these brands. Perhaps you are…

    Let’s start the list and make sure they aren’t left out.

    Donek Snowboards
    Venture Snowboards – taking a break but definitely coming back
    Humanity/Monson Snowboards
    Unity Snowboards
    Smokin Snowboards
    Coiler Snowboards
    Oz Snowboards
    Keep adding to the list – Made in the USA lives and the number of small niche brands keeps growing.

    • Mike Hardaker


      Nah bud we let the print media dish out paid to play advertisements. Speaking of “pay” did you happen to see who wrote this article? The dude is on the FWT and knows a thing or two about snowboarding. It’s all good though don’t get bummed we didn’t include your brand, Donek I am guessing based on your email address, website addy and listing Donek on here. So whats the deal? Did you want us to try your boards for review as this is an interesting way to go about it.

      You mentioned Venture hmm – http://mtnweekly.com/sports/snowboarding/divide-and-conquer-2016-splitboards pretty sure they made this list even though they aren’t making boards this year, talk about giving them some love. Lisa and Klem are great people.

      Unity makes great boards however Pete hasn’t sent any to Jackson Hole for us to try so were not going to give him love just cause he is a nice guy and his boards look cool. Take that back I took a snowboardmag model to Haines and it ripped 10 years ago.

      Smokin as in Jays brand yeah they were mentioned here but you would actually have to be a reader to see this – http://mtnweekly.com/sports/snowboarding/quiver-killer-snowboards-perfect-for-this-seasons-deep-el-nino-days.

      No clue on Humanity, Coiler?

      Speaking of OZ they were also mentioned – http://mtnweekly.com/sports/snowboarding/quiver-killer-snowboards-perfect-for-this-seasons-deep-el-nino-days

      So what about Franco Snowshapes, Ignes, Ramp Sports, Weston Snowboards I could go on and on,. Again we only talk about the gear we actually have used.



  • Trevor Brown

    Um,,,,What about Smokin Snowboards?…..Only about 5000 boards a year built all by hand by boarders in Sparks,NV……We have won several “Good Wood” awards …..Freestyle,Freeride and Splits……Little more homework maybe?

    • Mike Hardaker


      Smoking Snowboards? Like the guys that were selected for one of our Quiver Killer boards for 2016? http://mtnweekly.com/sports/snowboarding/quiver-killer-snowboards-perfect-for-this-seasons-deep-el-nino-days

      Put the bong down and tell Jay to send some boards out to Jackson Hole so we can get some reviews going.


      • Trevor Brown

        Mike,…I don’t really like your bong comment!…..Keep it cool…..I just asked why a major manufacture in North America like Smokin was not mentioned…..I’ll leave it at that and keep rude comments off line….Peace

  • James Graven

    Also Cold Smoke Splitboards out of Crested Butte Colorado http://coldsmokesplitboards.com/ – good stuff. RIP Venture Snowboards