2016 Arbor Westmark Review
Strapping into Arbor’s Westmark Rocker on a 15” day here at Jackson was like getting introduced to snowboarding all over again. With the float and playfullness of a fully rockered board and top notch stability it’s no surprise the Westmark is a repeat winner of Transworld’s good wood award. After testing this ride it’s safe [...]
Furberg Freeride Splitboard Review
Furberg, I know you must be thinking what in the hell is a Furberg? I’ve actually been saying the same thing over the past couple years as I heard chatter online about a new splitboard company based out of Norway of all places with a really funny name. It’s sort of like Fergie meets Justin [...]
2016 Lib Tech La Nina Review
The Lib Tech La Nina Matt Cummins MC C1-BTX is a directional all-mountain all-terrain stick. Lib Tech has history as a snowboarding company. And when a historic company has teamed up with a professional snowboarder of the caliber of Matt Cummins for over two decades, then you know that their wares are going to be [...]
Arbor Coda Camber Review
What does a company based out of Venice Beach know about making hard charging snowboards? One word: everything. Arbor is all about wood. And despite all our scientific advances of resins and polymers and alloys and fibers, there’s one thing that can’t be made in a lab: wood. And it’s the core of everything that’s [...]
Never Summer Proto Type Two Snowboard Review
The Never Summer Type Two is the most lively, fun, surfy, poppy hippie loving snowboard I have ever ridden and it makes me uber proud that this snowboard was handmade in Denver, Colorado and even pressed by Sasso (a snowboarder). When you buy board from NS you’re supporting snowboarding and more importantly snowboarders as the [...]
2016 Ride Highlife UL Review
Ride Highlife UL Snowboard delivers a smooth all-mountain ride with effortless ease of movement in powder and a rocker/chamber design built for charging, and fast response. I got a taste of the Ride Snowboards Highlife, aka its a board built to destroy. After riding this board for a couple months early season here in the [...]