Skiing with Trolls in Iceland
Compared to other European ski destinations, Iceland is a relative new arrival to the global ski scene. Geographically isolated from the rest of Europe, the local economy was based on fishing and whaling, which gathered little attention to the first traveling skiers of the early 20th century. However the economic boom experienced by Western Europe  [...]
The Future of Splitboard Bindings …
If you splitboard you can thank the guys above (left to right) Will Ritter of Spark R&D and Tyler Kloster of Karakoram for their solid innovations to the split world over the past few years. Spark R&D must be especially stoked this year to be celebrating the brands 10th anniversary! 2017/2018 will see a few  [...]
2018 Snowboards & Splitboards Preview
DENVER, CO – Are you looking for 2018 snowboards, wondering what that new model is going to look like? I spent a few days on the SIA Snow Show floor taking photos of *just about every single new snowboard I could find on display. Below you can checkout photos of some of the most progressive  [...]