Top 10 Snowboards for 2022

Best Snowboards 2021

2021 Burton Process Flying V Snowboard

Burton Process Flying V

The Burton Process Flying V Snowboard has been cleared for take off! Thanks, Houston! This all-mountain maven was designed with two primary focuses: to drop weight and amplify pop. Mission accomplished. Burton Snowboards Squeezebox core sends energy to the tips of this twin to make it effortlessly playful and its hybrid rocker/camber profile provides plenty of float in the pow. Plus, you’ve got Gary, the super chill bear, as the featured graphic. What’s not to love about the Burton Process Flying V? One of the best all mountain snowboards in the industry, a standout in the Burton Snowboards lineup.

Price: $499.95

2021 Snowboard Capita Defenders of Awesome

CAPiTA Defenders of Awesome

Toot toot! The hype train has officially left the station for the CAPiTA Defenders of Awesome Snowboard. But don’t worry, if you’re quick enough, you can still stow away in the caboose. This freestyle freak persistently punished the park, but takes no prisoners anywhere on the hill. Carbon fiber beams give this mid flex true twin shape all the pop and response you need to transform the entire mountain into your own personal plaything, its what’s we have come to except from Captia Snowboards. Back again with its combo of cambers, the Capita DOA is a no fuss, affordable way to make every lap better than the last. One of the best freestyle snowboards ever made, a standout for rails and booters.

Price: $499.95

2021 Arbor Annex Snowboard

Arbor Annex

For those sniffing out wickedly twisted lines, the Arbor Annex Snowboard is the bloodhound to help track down your prey. The Annex delivers a fully engaged ride that is always pushing to tackle more technical terrain. A directional shape, stiffer flex, and the System Camber profile meld together to offer riders a board with nonstop energy and control. Arbor Snowboards features on of the best warranties in the industry, (three years), you can count on season after season of aggressive performance from the Arbor Annex.

Price: $699.99

2021 Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard

Jones Mountain Twin

If you view the entire resort as your park, the Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard is calling your name. Redesigned for 2021 with blunted tips, the Jones Mountain Twin has freestyle juice coursing through its veins, but it doesn’t sacrifice an ounce of performance when it comes to popping pillows, tight turns in the trees, or bombing legendary lines. We can’t help but sing the praises of the Mountain Twin’s base. Not only does it feature 3D contour to create simple turn initiation,  Jones Snowboards even upgraded it this year with their ultra quick, highly durable Sintered 8000 base that you will undoubtedly adore.

Price: $499.95

2021 Lib Tech Skate Banana

Lib Tech Skate Banana

The board that started the rocker revolution is back for another round, because you can’t keep a good banana down. The Lib Tech staple features those Magne-Traction sides that we have all come to know and love as it delivers all the edge hold you could hope for even in cruddy conditions. The Lib Tech Skate Banana Snowboard really does make snowboarding easier for those looking to improve their skills. And when you’re getting better, you’re having fun. That’s what this is really all about! Lib Tech Snowboards are simply fun to ride.

Price: $499.95

2021 YES Standard Snowboard

Yes Standard

If you’re the type that doesn’t check mountain conditions before heading out the door, the Yes Standard Snowboard is for you. Regardless of what the snow is like, this mid-wide board is equipped to thrash everything in its path. The MidBite outline chews through the gnarliest terrain with a level of edge hold previously unfathomable. Surprise pow day? The Yes Snowboards Slamback inserts enable you to rise above it all to show your best stuff in the fluff. Go ahead and delete that weather app from your phone, because the Yes Standard is ready for anything.

Price: $499.95

2021 Salomon Assassin Snowboard

Salomon Assassin

Loaded with power, pop, stealth, and speed, the Salomon Assassin Snowboard is the perfect mountain-destroying machine. Execute the most threatening lines with this directional twin that imposes its will thanks to a stiffer flex and the Rock Out Camber profile. The only thing this piece doesn’t murder is the planet due to the sustainable bamboo rods and an eco-friendly version of the Royal Cord Rails that devour board chatter. Don’t just kill your quiver, obliterate it from existence with the Salomon Assassin, one of the best Salomon Snowboards of all time.

Price: $499.95

2021 Nitro Beast Snowboard

Nitro Beast

The Nitro Beast Snowboard is an aggressive freestyle board with an insatiable hunger for feasting on everything the park puts on the table. A true camber shape and classic sidecuts join forces to help you devour every takeoff and landing with pristine snap and response. Edges that are twice as beefy enable you to get rowdy with the rails and a layer of kevlar beneath the feet further improves durability. With the quickest, toughest base in the Nitro lineup, the Beast is fully juiced to charge any feature with zero reservations. Add in a Volcom collab and you’ll have style like no other with the Nitro Snowboards Beast. One of the best camber snowboards for 2021.  Great for anyone that grew up riding in the 90’s or early 2000’s before the reverse camber phase in snowboarding.

Price: $629.95

2021 Nidecker Mellow

Nidecker Mellow

Transform a mountain of pow into a wave of fun with the surfy good times of the Nidecker Mellow Snowboard. These Nidecker Snowboards are crafted to float the fluff and terrorize tight trees, this directional board has a fishtail and diamond nose to go along with its camrock profile that will have you reaching for it both when blizzards hit and when spring slush is the flavor. The ash wood veneer installed as the top layer masterfully combines absorption and plentiful pop for a full, free flowing ride. Experience the roots of snowboarding embedded in surfing with the Nidecker Mellow. One of the best powder snowboards that can do it all from top to bottom.

Price: $469.95

2021 Never Summer Proto Synthesis Snowboard

Never Summer Proto Synthesis

The Never Summer Proto Synthesis Snowboard is all about confidence. With this all-mountain plank strapped to your feet, you can stand poised atop any chute, park, or pillow field feeling confident that you’ll slay everything in your path. Never Summer Snowboards created this year’s version of the Proto with shred-it-all AND rip-it-well super powers. The divine blend of camber/rocker in the Shock Wave profile combined with the Vario Power Grip Sidecut means you are endowed with all the float, pop, traction, and responsiveness you require to go big places and melt all the faces.

Price: $599.99


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  1. Have you ignored everything happening in snowboarding? Lib Tech Orca, Ride War Pig, CAPiTA Super DOA, Jones Mind Expander are all at the top of every shops re-order list right now because they are the top snowboards of 2020.

    • Clearly you did not make it to page 2? Aka the Top 2019 Snowboards. Incase you’re lazy the list is below. Oh and the Mind Expander, actually won best “powder board”

      -Never Summer Chairman Snowboard
      -Yes. Pick Your Line Snowboard
      -Arbor Wasteland Snowboard
      -CAPiTA Defenders of Awesome Snowboard
      -Ride Warpig Snowboard
      -Lib Tech T.Rice Orca Snowboard

  2. Except none of them won the black out contest

    • Mike Hardaker | April 24, 2019 at 12:05 PM | Reply

      The mags are pretty darn biased toward advertisers. So I wouldn’t take anything published in the major snowboard mags seriously. They run the pay to play model

  3. Johnny Hastings | October 30, 2018 at 2:46 PM | Reply

    What is the name of the shark board

  4. Hey, I see the Ride Warpig made your list; did you also test the MTN Pig? I mostly ride Sugarloaf, ME, which is big and steep by East Coast standards, making fast, aggressive turns ons groomers, but also want something with a little extra float for pow days and getting my freeride fix on the annual trip out West (Big Sky this year!). Currently have a 1st gen Burton Flight Attendant 162, but have come to find it too narrow as I’ve gotten better at, and more enthusiastic about, getting horizontal on edge. From other reviews I’ve read, MTN Pig 160w or 164w seem like good options. Any advice is much appreciated.

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